Prime Minister HUN Sen of Cambodia

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Hun Sen was born the second son of a family of poor peasants on April 8, 1951, in a hamlet in Cambodia's southeastern Kompong Cham province, which borders Vietnam.
Hun Sen is said to have lost his left eye and to have been severely wounded four more times in the fighting, which included the Khmer Rouge's Eastern Zone area of operations.
Perhaps well before September 24, 1977, Hun Sen had made a major irrevocable life decision.
At one point in 1996, Hun Sen said of his co-prime minister in an interview, "It is not a friendship but rather like brothers, although I am not a royal family member.
Ranariddh was negotiating with the Khmer Rouge, as Hun Sen had done the year before.
Although Hun Sen was a onetime Khmer Rouge commander, he is reviled by his former comrades.
Hun Sen was selected by the Vietnamese for a leadership role in the rebel army and government they were creating for Cambodia.
When the Khmer Rouge regime was overthrown, Hun Sen was appointed as foreign minister of the Vietnamese-installed People's Republic of Kampuchea in 1979 and served until 1990, with a brief interruption from 1986 until 1987.
Hun Sen was accused of ordering his personal body guards to throw hand grenades into a crowd of protesters at a rally led by Sam Rainsy in 1997, which led to several deaths and many injuries.
Second Prime Minister Hun Sen is a consummate survivor of three decades.
AT FIRST glance, Hun Sen, the man in charge of Cambodia, has not.
To his opponents, Prime Minister Hun Sen is a "traitor" and a "puppet," a former.
history bears out, Cambodia's 38-year-old Hun Sen has emerged from the obscurity of his.
Second Prime Minister Hun Sen is the supreme leader of Cambodia now.
Still only 45, Hun Sen has been his nation's leader in one capacity.
youthful looks and inconsistent personality, Hun Sen has been underestimated by outsiders ever.
Newspaper article from: The Washington Post; 4/16/1989; document.
Hun Sen is really a nationalist, capable of breaking.
Hun Sen said he hoped Prince Norodom Ranariddh.
Hun Sen was born the second son of a family of poor peasants on April 8.
Phnom Penh to continue his secondary education in the Lycé Indra Devi.
Responding to the appeal of Prince Sihanouk to Cambodians to join the war against the imperialists, at the age of 18, Samdech Hun Sen joined the struggle movement, which liberated the country on April 17, 1975.
One day before the victory, on April 16, 1975, Samdech Hun Sen was wounded in the left eye.
In July 1998, the general election brought victory to the Cambodian People's Party, of which Samdech Hun Sen is the Vice President.
For his great efforts and contributions to national reconciliation, peace, and the socio-economic development of Cambodia, Samdech Hun Sen had been awarded the title of Samdech by His Majesty the King and a World Peace Award.
On November 15, 2001, Samdech Hun Sen was bestowed with the Honorary Doctorate Degree of Political Science (Honoris Causa) in the field of Foreign Relations from the University of Ramkhamhaeng, Thailand.
liberated the country on April 17, 1975.
Hun Sen was wounded in the left eye.
as Prime Minister for the next five-year term (2008-2013.
Relations from the University of Ramkhamhaeng, Thailand.
member of the Bar Association of Cambodia.
Cambodian leader Hun Sen was in the US.
CHARLES KRAUSE: For more than two decades, Hun Sen has been at the center of Cambodia's tragic history--first as a Communist guerrilla commander, then as the head of a government imposed by Cambodia's neighbor, Vietnam, and currently, as prime minister of a quasi-democratic regime created after UN.
of one of the world's most battered and war-torn nations.
party and eventually controlled it.
when he sought treatment for his war wounds.
late 1975, as he saw Cambodian society being destroyed.
the struggle of his life," as an acquaintance calls it.
in the absence of effective institutions.
fewer than 3,000" who died, he says.
Several royalist supporters were tortured to death by CPP members, though Hun Sen denied any involvement.
Hun Sen was a low-level officer in the Khmer Rouge.
When the Rouge regime was overthrown, Hun Sen was appointed foreign minister of the Vietnamese-installed People's Republic of Kampuchea from 1979 until 1990, with a brief interruption from 1986 until 1987.
As foreign minister Hun Sen was a key figure in the Paris Peace Talks which brokered peace in Indochina.
based on his position and his formal educational background.
huge wealth and continues to enjoy the support of American businessmen.
Prime Minister Hun Sen has 5 children: 3 sons and 2 daughters.
Its leader Hun Sen was backed by Vietnam when it overthrew the Khmer Rouge in 1979, and he has been prime minister since 1985.
Even so, Hun Sen has been openly deriding his opponent's chances for months.
Dictatorship in CambodiaPrime Minister Hun Sen has hardly run Cambodia as a democracy.
Cambodian Leader Cracks Down in Bid to Solidify PowerBy SETH MYDANSPrime Minister Hun Sen is attacking the human rights groups that serve as a de facto democratic opposition.
Hun Sen was born the second son of a family of poor peasants on April 8, 1951, in a hamlet in Cambodias.
Hun Sen is the prime minister of Cambodia and has been the dominant player on the Cambodian political stage for more than fifteen years.
said was carried out by executioners loyal to Hun Sen.
candidate for similar prosecution.
Nevertheless, Hun Sen has his defenders.
no evidence that Hun Sen was involved in the genocide.
tribunal; he too might be pardoned and voted Senator for life.
reins of power smoothly, concentrate on his family and play some more chess.
the rule of his Cambodian People's Party.
to the eastern part of Cambodia as a field commander.
kitchens, their family life shattered.
involved but he defected across the border.
The Vietnamese respect age in leaders, but Hun Sen was just so clever.
Mr Hun Sen is unfazed by both charges, his aides and diplomats say.
any coalition with Mr Hun Sen at the top of it.
Hun Sen knows nothing else other than power.
With a new law requiring all motorbike riders to don helmets poised to come into force, Hun Sen says officials should be first to comply PRIME Minister Hun Sen on Monday called on government officials to be.
Hun Sen is a brutal, intelligent one.
The son of a peasant family, Hun Sen had spent most of his adult life prior to the Vietnamese occupation as a member of the Khmer Rouge.
Who is Hun Sen? Some say he's Vietnam's puppet; others say he is a Khmer Rouge member.
In Moscow, the centre of communism, the communists said Hun Sen is a liberal.
In France, the liberal place, they say Hun Sen is a communist.
What should I do? Whatever you say, Hun Sen is a Cambodian; he does things the Cambodian way.
Hun Sen was educated at a Buddhist monastery, Wat Tuk Laak, in Phnom Penh.
During the regime of Pol Pot (197579), during which an estimated two million Cambodians lost their lives, Hun Sen fled to Vietnam, joining troops there opposed to the Khmer Rouge.
In March 1998 Hun Sen had the prince tried in absentia and found guilty of charges that included an attempt to overthrow the government.
In the national election of 2003, the CPP once again finished first, and Hun Sen was appointed to another term as prime minister in July 2004.
Since assuming office, Hun Sen has overseen the withdrawal of Vietnamese troops from Cambodia, abandoned socialism as the political philosophy for the country, and consolidated power to emerge from a coalition government as Cambodia’s paramount ruler.
Hun Sen was born in Cambodia’s Kâmpóng Cham Province to a relatively prosperous peasant family.
In 1970, when Hun Sen was a high school student, Cambodian head of state Norodom Sihanouk was overthrown in a bloodless coup led by a pro-American, anti-Communist faction in his government.
Shortly after the coup, Hun Sen joined a pro-Sihanouk resistance movement organized by the Khmer Rouge (a Communist guerrilla group) with their North Vietnamese Communist allies.
Fearing for his life, Hun Sen fled to Vietnam.
Under the terms of the deal, Hun Sen remained the sole prime minister.
to avoid the political purging of Pol Pot.
Since assuming office, Hun Sen has overseen the withdrawal of Vietnamese troops from.
Prime Minister Hun Sen is a survivor.
Although he joined the Khmer Rouge during their initial period in power, Hun Sen fled to Vietnam in 1977 and sought refuge there until 1979, when he returned to his home country with the invading Vietnamese Army.
The case was brought on behalf of a number of torture survivors who had been subjected to abuse in Cambodia during the period when Hun Sen was just assuming power.
The case also raised allegations concerning Hun Sen's involvement in the Khmer Rouge atrocities under the Pol Pot regime, when Hun Sen was serving as an army officer supporting the Khmer Rouge.
of Paris, from December 2 to December 4, 1987.
and Hun Sen had agreed to resume talks on January 27, 1988.
Hun Sen has been a leading figure in Cambodian politics for more than two decades Hun Sen has been the prime minister of Cambodia for 23 years.
Hun Sen has a glass eye, the result of a wound sustained during the Khmer Rouge offensive against Phnom Penh in April 1975.
Several royalist supporters were killed or tortured by CPP members, though Hun Sen denied any involvement.
However, Hun Sen is expected to win the poll.
Two years into the nightmare, Hun Sen was a deputy regimental commander, in charge of 2,000 Khmer Rouge troops.
In 1977, Hun Sen was ordered to take part in what he considered a foolhardy attack on Vietnam.
Friday's swearing-in ceremony at the royal palace.
party since the last election, on July 27, 2003.
Hun Sen has long sought to silence Kem Sokha, one of Cambodia’s most outspoken human rights activists.
party, Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk said that Samdech Hun Sen is the only person developing Cambodia and helping Khmer people.
to gain full control of any Khmer Rouge trial.
After all, Hun Sen was a former Khmer Rouge commander.
consultants are even more corrupt because they are the decision-makers," Prime Minister Hun Sen said last week.
Sen was not condemned by the international community.
major powers that Hun Sen is a reformed democrat and an efficient leader.
Hun Sen is no Democrat, he is a killer.
against an elected prime minister, Norodom Ranariddh.
Prime Minister Hun Sen said last week that attending this year's series of ASEAN meetings would be too costly and time consuming, but Foreign Minister Hor Namhong told The Phnom Penh Post newspaper that the premier definitely would attend.
Phnom Penh - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Wednesday that he would visit the Gulf states of Kuwait and Qatar in January to discuss rice exports in a bid to corner the Gulf market.
Phnom Penh - Cambodia will provide a total of 300,000 dollars in aid to cyclone-ravaged Myanmar, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Monday.
Speaking at an awards ceremony in the capital, Hun Sen said the amount was not adequate, because Cambodia itself was poor, but it was from the heart.
Phnom Penh  - Cambodian Muslims must be integrated into the community and their religious restrictions and needs universally respected, Prime Minister Hun Sen said Thursday.