Minister of Cults and Religious Affairs MIN Khin of Cambodia

Are they going to be Vietnamese headquarters to spy on every cambodian? or Cammand posts to grab Cambodians' land?PHNOM PENH Cambodia is well on its way to establishing Cambodia-Viet Nam Friendship Associations in all its cities and provinces, Vice President of the UFCDK (Cambodian United Front for National Construction and Defence) Min Khin has said.
At a meeting with visiting Vice President of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front and President of the HCM City Fatherland Front, Tran Thanh Long, Min Khin said after one year, the UFCDK had completed the framework for branches in all of Cambodias 24 cities and provinces.
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lot of people, some of whom you do not know.
Although she turned 80 in December, 2004, Myint Myint Khin is still very active in speaking on, and writing about, urgent health issues, particularly HIV/AIDS.
Estimates put the Burmese HIV infection rate at up to four percent, but Myint Myint Khin is reluctant to comment on the figures.
In her book, Myint Myint Khin says health education requires “openness and transparency…the beginning of secrecy is the end of the truth.
Myint Myint Khin was professor at Mandalay’s Institute of Medicine from 1960 until her retirement in 1984.
But Min Khin had an ominous warning for him and other owners of potentially magic cattle who chose to go public with dubious claims.