Minister of Youth Adoum Garoua of Cameroon

If Adoum Garoua is unable to speak Mr Biya's "imperialist" language (English) then he should hire a marketing captain to find an internationally successful sporting goods firm to invest in Cameroon.
Adoum Garoua took leave of a crowd of nearly 3,000 souls present at the ceremonial ground and visited the SIL stand.
marginalised, no matter what their category.
Welcoming Mbango back home from the 29th edition of the Olympic Games, Adoum Garoua said he was elated to chair the reception on behalf of the Premier.
On 20 March 2008, Minister Adoum Garoua was on the field in the Centre Province visiting some of the projects that have benefited from PAJER-U assistance.
CAMEROON: Youth Policy to Be Developed The Cameroon Tribune reported April 7 that the Minister of Youth Affairs Adoum Garoua met with UNFPA Country Representative Yao K.
Mr Garoua said that by creating a separate Ministry of Youth, President Paul Biya had demonstrated that the young people of Cameroon would not be marginalised, no matter what their category.