Deputy Prime Minister Ahmadu Ali of Cameroon

Ali was the Federal Commissioner for Education under General Olusegun Obasanjo in 1978 during which a wild students protest rocked the ivory tower.
But I wonder if Ali’s immediate family, if it has a conscience, will be happy with him for the revisionism that Ali has exhibited.
In fact, if these were sincere old men, Ali’s current record, would lump Obasanjo who said “Ali is here and Ali has come to stay” together with the new “Ali Must Go” crowd.
If Ali had only revised himself once, it could have passed for senility; if he had done that twice, it could be insomnia; even thrice can be explained away as amnesia.
Ali has caused enough collateral damage, not just to the PDP, but to the nation and even to Obasanjo that all Nigerians want Ali to go.
20Mamudu Ali has been unfair to his state (Kogi State) but nothing has beginning that has that has no end even life itself.
YarAdua pledges to transform Nigeria Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Alhaji Umaru Musa YarAdua, has promised to transform Nigeria into one of the modern industrialized nations of the world if voted into office this year.
Ali is saying now he wants to lauder a better image of Nigeria.
3Senator Ahmadu Ali is deserving of his ambassadorial nomination by President Yar\'adua.
Now, Ahmadu Ali is about to perform his last dirty assignment for the Nigerian emperor at Ota before going abroad to occupy an undeserved seat as ambassador.
Ahmadu Ali is nothing but Obasanjo's chief servant or chief artist.
Brought in and imposed on the party by Obasanjo, acting all by himself, after Chief Audu Ogbeh was frustrated out and luckily escaped being murdered, Ali came with barrack-style leadership.
Only recently, in the very presence of an incumbent president of the country and the actual PDP party leader, Ali had the arrogant guts to walk out two highly placed and respectable Nigerians, Speaker Dimeji Bankole and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Ambassador Baba Gana Kingibe, out of a caucus meeting of the PDP.
Until the moment of writing this article, Ali was threatening PDP's G-21 with expulsion.
In some cases, two brothers work in the same department holding down two important positions, but they would bear different surnames in the office, and even sometimes fight each other openly to deceive other members of staff.
Former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ahmadu Ali has ruled out the possibility of the party formally inviting former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to return to its fold.
Ali was said to have rejected his posting to South Africa, instead showing a preference for the United State or the United Kingdom.
An authoritative presidency source who confirmed this to THISDAY, yesterday disclosed further that Ali was dropped following his sudden insistence on going to the United Kingdom or nothing else.
Ali had earlier accepted the posting to South Africa.
Immediate past chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ahmadu Ali has turned himself into a serious pain on the neck of President Umaru Musa YarAdua.
Brandishing certificates to show he is experienced medical doctor, Ahmadu Ali is alleged to be insisting that he will not take any other appointment from the president other than that of the Minister for Health.
com said that even though President YarAdua has told the former PDP boss that he was shopping for younger and vibrant people to beef up his cabinet, Ali has repeatedly told the president that as a former PDP chairman, he should be given some preferential treatment.
Apart from this desperate move on the part of Ahmadu Ali, the presidency source alleged that Ali has been moving from the house of one National Assembly member to the other with huge sums of money in an apparent move to bribe the National Assembly members.
Ali has been spotted going from one law maker to the other.
Ahmadu Ali was the Minister of Education between 1977 and 1978 during the regime of then Gen.
There had been reports recently that Ali had rejected his posting to South Africa, owing to his preference for a better posting to a developed country.
Ayo Olukanmi, said it was untrue that Ali had rejected his posting.
A reliable source familiar with the matter said Ali had “told the relevant authorities point blank that he was not going anywhere.
But in his response, Ali was said to have told the minister that he was no longer “favourably disposed” to representing Nigeria as ambassador anywhere.
When contacted by Yar’Adua, Ali was said to have stood his ground.
The source said, “I can assure you that Ali is not going anywhere.
the regime of General Olusegun Obasanjo between 1975 and 1978.
But now, the real Ali has happened upon US once again.
is such an important one that he cannot stay unnoticed.
in those unsavoury days of military braggadocio.
begin by noting that Ali is a product of mischief.
Though Senator Ali denied knowledge of the development, Hon Nwoko, however, confirmed that his name was on the party’s candidate list at the INEC headquarters by Wednesday morning when he got to the place for verification.
always believed about the Obasanjo regime.
We posit that the one person who briefed Ali is a pseudo name for Ahmadu Ali himself.
About a month now, Ahmadu Ali took a swipe at senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and that trouble-shooting exercise is still reverberating.
Last week, Ahmadu Ali was at it again, lambasting all presidential aspirants as unqualified or lacking in capacity to offer Nigerians any good thing.
Hence our party has become a shadow of its old self since Ahmadu Ali took over.
Ahmadu Ali has decided to expose the qualities of PDP leaders, as the 'ordained' National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party.
The first bombshell from Ali was his qualification of the members of the National Assembly, as "Rascals and Idiots.
The reception, according to Obaje, was in recognition of the immense contributions Ali has made to the upliftment of the area.
Idris, governor of Kogi State who was all joy for the appointment of his kinsman as the national chairman of PDP also extolled his virtues, saying Ali had cultivated his reputation through training, socialisation and hardwork.
Before the accident, Ali had spoken at the reception where he said the yardstick for the party's next chairman will depend on the person's track records.
But Halims Agoda, a member of the IG, responded on Monday that Ali is not the National Working Committee (NWC) of the PDP, and that whatever he has said is his personal opinion, which runs contrary to those of the people in the constituencies.
Joe Okei-Odumakin, CD President, said Ali is suffering from the militarys obey before complain mentality, and urged the lawmakers to choose between denting their images and jettisoning the gratuitous threat.
more members than he has attracted.
Should the Speaker be impeached, Ali said members of PDP leadership in the House would risk being recalled by their constituents at the instance of the party.
Newsmen revealed that Ali has stood by the Speaker since the controversy over the renovation contract broke out, refused to contemplate the likelihood of Ettehs impeachment.
Ali was only keen on feathering her own nest.
Ali was not a candidate in the Delta North Senatorial primaries and the result sheet did not at all bear her name.