Minister of Justice Amadou Ali of Cameroon

Amadou Ali says every action being taken is within the framework of the law.
Mr Amadou Ali said in matters of preliminary investigation, two types of procedure can be used: the simple procedure and the flagrante delicto.
In Yaounde specifically, Mr Amadou Ali said proceedings are being held in public, with defence counsels and are covered by journalists.
To this, Mr Amadou Ali said in such events, the immediate concern of the public authorities is to stop disorder first.
Minister Amadou Ali said the practice of female circumcision is recurrent in Cameroon particularly in the South West, East and Far North Provinces of the country.
From Vanguard (Nigeria) - AAGM) Byline: Habib Yakoob CHAIRPERSON of the Cameroon\Nigerian Mixed Commission, Amadou Ali has said Nigeria"s defeat of Cameroon on Sunday was nothing but a "mere chance.
Amadou Ali said in constant quest to improve on detention conditions with respect to human rights, government will recruit some 500 prison workers, rehabilitate, construct and equip new prisons in the country.
During the opening ceremony of the meeting, Amadou Ali said that six new prisons would be constructed in the coming three years.
Appropriate measures are being taken by Cameroon government to give population attention and protection it needs, contrary to wild and unfounded press allegations that Cameroon gendarmes are exacting reprisals on local populations," Cameroon's Vice Prime Minister Amadou Ali said in a strong worded response to recent media report on the region.