Minister of Industry, Mines, and Technological Development Badel Ndanga Ndinga of Cameroon

The move is to ensure the protection of Cameroonian milk consumers against the threat on world milk during the past days," Badel Ndanga Ndinga said in the statement.
The Minister of Industries Mines and technological developments Badel Ndanga Ndinga was in the East Province for a working visit.
A new sugar company, a joint-venture between Cameroonian and South-African business interests, will be operational in the next six months, Cameroon Industry Minister Badel Ndanga Ndinga said on Thursday.
The new Minister of Industry and Technological Development, Badel Ndanga Ndinga took over from Charles Sale.
Ndinga was formerly the Secretary of State for Transport before his appointment to the new post.
The Minister of Industries, Mines and Technological Development, Badel Ndanga Ndinga has received a Korean group specialized in research, exploitation and development of mines.