Minister of Social Affairs Catherine Bakang Mbock of Cameroon

Minister Bakang Mbock has returned to Yaounde with three major traditional titles from Isangele (Ma Ombum) or Mother of Mothers, Mundemba (Moroki) or Highest Woman with a net and basket, and Ekondo-Titi (Ebongo) Chair to sit on and reflect on national issues.
Speaking during the occasion, Minister Catherine Bakang Mbock said since the creation of the CPDM in Bamenda 24 years ago, the party is the only political party that has permitted national unity, development and stability in the country.
Reasons why Minister Catherine Bakang Mbock said the seminar, which is the first of its type to be organised in a francophone African country, will help mobilise the national and international community on issues of social welfare of the elderly in Cameroon.
Bakang Mbock was speaking in Eseka recently while launching campaigns for parliamentary re-runs to take place on September 30.