Minister of Forestry and Wildlife Elvis Ngolle ngolle of Cameroon

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The preservation and conservation of what remains of the forests of the Congo Basin, the Amazon and Southeast Asia concerns the whole of the international community, Cameroonian Forestry and Wildlife Minister Elvis Ngolle Ngolle has said.
Elvis Ngolle Ngolle is Cameroon’s minister for forestry and wildlife and one of the amendment’s supporters.
On the strict respect of this law, the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle is quite categorical.
Minister Elvis Ngolle Ngolle said the government of Cameroon has taken the engagement to fight climate change; a problem he said can be remedied by tree planting.
It is against this background that Minister Ngolle Ngolle is criss-crossing the country to awaken national consciousness on the necessity of planting more trees.
Let US all strive to keep our ranks tight, Ngolle Ngolle said while addressing the Kupe Muanenguba 11 CPDM Section conference in Nguti on November 23, as well as the Kupe Muanenguba 111 CPDM Section conference which held in Tombel on November 24.
Ngolle Ngolle was accompanied during his maiden visit as Minister by a large entourage under the able coordination of the Minister's Private Secretary, Walters Mbong Mesumbe.
Every year our country loses about 50 billion CFA ($103 million) due to these illegal forest exploitation practices, making it impossible for the forest sector to play its expected role in the economy, Forestry and Wildlife Minister Elvis Ngolle Ngolle said after meeting EU diplomats late on Wednesday.
Ngolle Ngolle said he had agreed with ambassadors from EU countries to set up a six-member committee to investigate illegal logging and how to stop it.
Ngolle Ngolle said officials at his ministry were part of a network of complicity with those illegally felling trees.
4 million cubic metres of wood annually, although an aide to Ngolle Ngolle said exact statistics of the illegal trade were hard to come by.
On the new task awaiting him at his new post, Ngolle Ngolle said that with the help of God and collaboration of each and everyone in the Ministry, it would be easy to faithfully apply the policy that has been set by the Head of State, which, he said included duty consciousness, moral rectitude, teamwork and patriotism.
Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle is Cameroon's minister for forestry and wildlife.
Ngolle Ngolle said the government reduced the price of fuel following what he called democratic negotiations between the government and unions.
Ngolle Ngolle said in spite some difficulties, the ruling RDPC party, with the help of the international community, has always been opened to perfecting the electoral system of Cameroon.
Ngolle Ngolle said the claim was an old claim made for political reasons.
Ngolle Ngolle was in the United States earlier this month as head of a government delegation to meet with Cameroonians who, he said, have expressed their interest to join the ruling party and to organize and elect their own leaders.