Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni of Cameroon

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Inoni is an Anglophone and a member of the Bakweri ethnic group.
Inoni is a member of the Central Committee of the RDPC.
Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni has acknowledged that the lack of job satisfaction and unattractive salaries are a major cause of the massive exodus of trained Cameroonians.
Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni is the head of government for Cameroon.
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Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni said in November that Cameroon will provide financial and technical assistance to 5000 young farmers next year.
Ephraim Inoni received Anne Marie Nzie on behalf of the Head.
Speaking to the press shortly after the signing ceremony, Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni described the initiative as laudable and timely.
Prime Minister, Head of Government, Ephraim Inoni was in the National Assembly last weekend for a plenary question-answer session of the assembly.
Ephraim Inoni received Anne Marie Nzie on behalf of the Head of State on the occasion of her 60 years in music.
Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni has enjoined members of government to get to work and guarantee smooth end of year festivities.
Ephraim Inoni was representing President Paul Biya at the Heads of State and Head of Governments meeting of the ten member countries of the Gulf of Guinea Commission in Luanda,Angola.
The Prime Minister and Head of Government, Ephraim Inoni says Cameroon's communication policy has laid a solid foundation for the promotion and development of the media in the country.
Police investigations, media reports say, have revealed that Inoni had allegedly soiled his hands in one of the deals.
Chief Ephraim Inoni said efforts are being made to have access roads to and from all the divisional headquarters, beginning with priority roads such as Mutengene to Kumba, Kumba to Mamfe, and Kumba to Mundemba.
Prime Minister, Ephraim Inoni had a particularly busy day on Thursday, May 15, 2008, as he received two groups made up of Chinese investors and the executives of the Moroccan Bank of External Trade who are in Cameroon to open a branch in the economic capital.
Ephraim Inoni was born in Bakingili in the West Coast of Limbe.
Just like his predecessor, Inoni is a Bakweri man.
To Monono, Inoni is chummy, modest and very hospitable.
The Prime Minister will be received in audience by the US Secretary of State at the State Department.
No Mention of Albatross Scandal With allegations of the PM's involvement in what is now known as the Albatross Scandal still hanging on his neck, some militants who spoke to this reporter had expected that, Inoni was going to use the conference to clear his image, face to face with militants.
1)How then can PM INONI talk of 'forgivesness and reconciliation', when he and Njeuma did not allow the microphone to the party officials they campaigned against last year and even cut them off from party financing for their campaigns and post-electoral projects?2)Why has PM INONI not explained to the FAKO people, his involvement in all the shady deals like:a)his implication in the 'Albatross' Deal which almost cost President PAUL BIYA and his family ,their lives?b)nor his support for sky-rocketing ciment prices which favoured him and the former CIMENCAM Board Chairman, who is none other than his Assistant Secrtary General, Ngami Njoumessi of the PM's office?c)And that he, as headof Government, has no explanations on the destruction of economic structures in Muea in the February 2008 riots and recently the now known simulated pirate attacks on Banking institutions in Limbe?d)An finally, if PM INONI is man of valour and probity, why did he have to sneek a letter (begging for pardon) into President Paul Biya's Hotel suite in Geneva, Switzerland, at a time when the President's brief was also stolen in that same hotel, whereas he has the statutory weekly priviledge to report to/meet with Pres.
Cameroon's Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni was in London to seek investors who may help him develop the country.
I thought Inoni is an educated man but reading this article I starting asking a lot of questions.
The Petition on death of student porotesters in Cameroon Petition to Cameroon Prime Ministerr and Head of Government, Chief Ephraim Inoni was created by Global Conscience Initiative and written by Samba Churchill (gci269@gmail.
Inoni was speaking in response to Thursday's publication of a report on child labour by the International Labour Organisation (ILO.