Minister of Primary Education Haman Adama of Cameroon

Speaking at the Oku Palace during a civic reception, Haman Adama said she came with majority of her collaborators to appraise the infrastructure and equipment of the school, as well as to have first hand information of difficulties encountered in the management of the schools.
Haman Adama said her entourage, which lived the realities of the schools, would go back and see what can be done at their various levels to satisfy some of the needs of the schools.
15/09/2008: The Minister of Basic Education, Haman Adama has ended a working visit in the North Province of Cameroon.
Basic Education Minister, Haman Adama has expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the ongoing Common Entrance and.
The Minister for Basic Education, Mrs Haman Adama says pupils of the Integrated School for the Deaf (ISFD) at Mbingo are Cameroonians like other children of the nation who need care and assistance.