Deputy Prime Minister Jean Nkuete of Cameroon

Launching the season for the seven southern provinces in Bamenda, Jean Nkuete said the commitment will be enhanced with the C2D, MINADER, MINEPIA Projects and programmes to go operational in 2008.
Nkuete was born in Balessing in Menoua Department.
After Biya became President, Nkuete was named Deputy Secretary-General of the Presidency on April 13, 1983, serving in that position until he was appointed as Secretary-General of the Presidency on November 21, 1986.
In a cabinet reshuffle on September 7, 2007, Nkuete was promoted to the rank of Deputy Prime Minister, while remaining in charge of agriculture and rural development; he was installed as Deputy Prime Minister on September 10.
Nkuete was a member of the Central Committee and the Political Bureau of the ruling Cameroon National Union and remained in these positions when the party was transformed into the Cameroonian People's Democratic Movement (RDPC) in 1985.
Nkuete has been the exectuive secretary of the Communauté Economique et Monétaire d’Afrique Centrale, a customs and monetary union among the former French Central African countries including: Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, the Congo ( Brazzaville), Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon.
Nkuete said the meeting should come up with a common position to address the threat of aggression faced by members.