President Paul Biya of Cameroon

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Biya is the third of eight children born to Etenne Mvondo Assam and Anastasie Eyinga Elle.
Due to his brilliant performance in secondary school, Biya was allowed to study at the University of Paris, where he focused on Law and Political Science.
In October 1962, Biya was in charge of missions at the Presidency (he was put in charge of the Department of Foreign Development Aid), and two years later (January 1964) he became Director of Cabinet to the Minister of National Education, Youth and Culture.
Besides his administrative climb to power, Biya was the 1st Vice Chairman of the Central Committee and member of the Political Bureau of the CNU Party.
Biya is said to have had a very close relationship with late President Ahidjo as he was said to be loyal to him.
While Biya had studied abroad and had many certificates, Ahidjo had only elementary education and had worked as a telephone operator before he became president) the two men worked closely.
President Biya is Commander of the Order of Valour, Commander of the National Order of Germany; Commander of the National Order of Tunisia; holder of the Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit of Senegal; Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour of France.
Biya has been described to be reserved, sober and hard working.
Biya married Jeanne-Irne Biya with whom he had a son, Franck Biya in 1971.
After Jeanne-Irne Biya died on July 29, 1992, Paul Biya married Chantal Biya on April 23, 1994, and he has had two more children with her.
President Biya has a publication to his credit; Communal Liberalism.
In 1985, the CNU was transformed into the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement, and Biya was elected as its President.
After being re-elected in 2004, Biya was barred by a two-term limit in the 1996 Constitution from running for President again in 2011, but his supporters sought to revise this to allow him to run again.
Biya has been criticized by some as being a strongman, and is sometimes considered to be aloof from the people.
Biya is currently purging his regime of what is widely perceived as his political opponents.
The plane didn't crash as allegedly planned, and it is now said that Biya is using the pretext of embezzlement to have imprisoned the people suspected of this conspiracy.
a b "President Biya is sworn in for another seven-year mandate.
Born in the southern village of Mvomékaa, Biya was educated at Catholic missions, the.
The opposition in Cameroon is staging a "day of mourning" to protest against changes to the constitution.
Paul Biya has been president of Cameroon for 26 years.
In his end of year state address, Mr Biya said having presidential term limits was unconstitutional and added that there were popular calls for him to stay in power.
President Biya came to power in 1982 and revised the constitution 12 years ago, extending the presidential term of office from five to seven years.
Paul Biya is the President of Cameroon.
Biya was born on February 13, 1933 in the village of Mvomeka'a in Cameroon.
Biya was elected as the President of Cameroon in 1984, 1988, 1992, 1997 and 2004, but other parties only have been allowed to enter the elections since 1992.
Personal lifeBiya was born in the village of Mvomeka'aMvomeka'a SummaryMvomeka'a is a village near Sangm?lima, in Meyomessala sub-division, Dja-et-Lobo division, South Province, Cameroon.
He married Jeanne-Irène Biyawith whom he had a son, Franck BiyaFranck Biya Franck Biya is the son of the current president of Cameroon, Paul Biya.
After Jeanne-Irène Biya died on July 29 1992, Paul Biya married Chantal BiyaChantal Biya Chantal Biya is the First Lady of Cameroon.
Ahidjo was widely believed to have orchestrated the coup attempt, and Biya is thought to have learned of the plot in advance and to have disbanded the Republican Guard as a reaction, forcing the coup plotters to act earlier than they had planned, which may have been a crucial factor in the coup's failure.
and Biya was elected as its President.
In the October 1997 presidential election, which was boycotted by the main opposition parties, Biya was re-elected with 92.
After being re-elected in 2004, Biya was barred by a two-term limit in the 1996 ConstitutionConstitution of Cameroon The Constitution of Cameroon is the supreme law of the Republic of Cameroon.
In his 2008 New Year's message, Biya expressed support for revising the Constitution, saying that it was undemocratic to limit the people's choice.
Opposition and criticismBiya has been criticized by some as being a strongman, and is sometimes considered to be aloof from the people.
In fact, Biya is credited with a creative innovation in the world of phony elections.
Biya is accountable to no one and uses that twist of misfortune as a means to serve his ends even if it means drowning an entire nation of over 16 million people in the process.
Paul Biya is the only president in this world who consistently cuts all public servants’ salaries by as far as 70 percent, while he increases armed forces salaries by 500 percent.
When Biya was confirmed as President of the Republic, a successions coup detats almost drove him away from power.
Yet, it was not enough to make observers see that, Biya was not just an ordinary mister nice, meek and weak, who will run away from the very first windstorm.
Mock burial ceremonies were organised and held all over the country in gestures showing their disapproval of the regime and happiness that, it will soon end as Biya was expected to be defeated.
Paul Biya is a very lucky man and it can be seen in the area of sports, especially in football or soccer.
But since Biya came to power; he has never bothered to organise any football tournament apart from the moribund UDEAC (2) football tournaments.
But two years after Biya came to power, Cameroon won its first continental trophy in 1984.
Is that enough to rule that Biya is a lucky man? No, some cry.
Lamentably, Biya has not managed or has not registered luck in other areas of administration, as he has in sports (football.
Does that mean that, Biya is on his way out of power? It is Difficult to say or write.
Europe suffering from food poisoning he got while in Equatorial Guinea.
Paul Biya was born in 1933 in the southern Cameroonian village of Mvomekaa.
After graduation, Biya lived in France and studied public law at the Institute of Overseas Studies.
Although Biya came from humble beginnings, he was highly educated and enjoyed classical music and tennis.
Biya was largely unknown to the populace, and he was untried as a head of state.
Most historians believe that Biya was defeated in that election by opposition leader John Fru Ndi.
However, Biya had himself declared the winner.
One Cameroonian told the New York Times that Biya has built his power base exclusively around his own ethnic group, and that he has mismanaged the economy: "All of the ingredients are now in place for a civil war," said the citizen.
Biya had one child with his first wife, the former Jeanne Atyam.
After Jeanne-Irène Biya died on 29 July 1992, Paul Biya married Chantal Biya on 23 April 1994, and he has had two more children with her.
Because Biya is a Christian from southern Cameroon, it was considered surprising that he was chosen by Ahidjo, a Muslim from the north, as his successor.
Biya was brought into the CNU Central Committee and Political Bureau and was elected as the party's vice-president.
After Ahidjo resigned as CNU leader, Biya took the helm of the party at an extraordinary session held on 14 September 1983.
Biya's last visit to China was in 2003.
Many even hold the view that Biya was not the author or even the brain behind Communal Liberalism.
a presidential vote that incumbent Paul Biya was expected to win.
Biya came to power on 6 November 1982 when his.
President Paul Biya has already spent 23 years.
term of office to two seven-year terms, Biya had already served for 14 years.
Mr Biya has yet to make a clear bid to change.
President Paul Biya has already spent 23 years in office.
Giscard D'estaing said today President Paul Biya has assured him that elections in Cameroun.
Cameroon's imcubent President Paul Biya had taken 60 percent of the votes cast.
Camerounian President Paul Biya has called on his countrymen to renew.
Camerounian president Paul Biya has appealed to Camerounians to work hard.
Biya was speaking in an interview on Thursday.
Biya has been rulling that country like a foreigner.
Paul Biya was born in 1933 in the southern Cameroonian.
EMMANUEL TUMANJONG, Associated Press Writer AP Worldstream 09-16-2004 Dateline: YAOUNDE, Cameroon President Paul Biya said he will run in Cameroon's upcoming elections, pitting the west African nation's two-decade ruler against a field of seven.
Cameroon's President and Head of State Paul Biya Meets with Transnational.
President Paul Biya has already spent 23 years in office, but his supporters still want the.
President Paul Biya said that the oil field is the proof.
Biya has retained power since then.
Mr Biya is simply organising elections because he wants to give an impression to the world that he is democratic," said Shande Tonme, a Cameroonian political scientist, who was equally sceptical that Monday's poll would be free and fair.
But the government denied these rumours and 48 hours later, Biya turned up smiling at Yaounde airport, insisting that he was in good health and that he had simply enjoyed a good holiday in Switzerland The 11 October election date was only announced in mid-September while Biya was on an extended visit to France.
However, there are widespread fears that the government will rig the election anyway to ensure that Biya remains in power.
I am a Veteran leader who won a new seven-year term in presidential elections in October 2004, with more than 70% of the vote.
President Biya has been in power since 1982.
Biya was born on February 13, 1933, in Mvomekaa, Cameroon, a village in the southern part of the country.
Because of his continued good work, Biya was accepted to the University of Paris where he studied law and political science.
While Biya was in Paris the Republic of Cameroon managed to gain independence.
At the same time that Biya was moving up in the government he was advancing in the single party that made up Cameroons government, the Cameroon National Union (CNU.
Ahidjo resigned his presidency on November 6, 1982, for health reasons and Biya took over as president.
For this and other reasons Biya had a falling out with Ahidjo causing Ahidjo to leave the country, at which time Biya took over his position as party leader as well.
Most historians agree that Biya was defeated in the election by John Fru Ndi, but Biya had himself declared the winner and then declared a state of emergency and released troops to fight the massive demonstrations that followed the pronouncement.
Issues between northern Francophones and Southern Anglophones have done nothing but increase since Biya took over the presidency.
Biya has been pushing all Anglophones out of office.
Despite internal conflicts, Biya has been working to bring Cameroon into a better financial situation.
Biya has become well known for being unwilling to delegate even the smallest of tasks, causing great delays in the resolution of small matters.
In 2004 Biya was again reelected to Cameroons presidency, although again opposition parties claimed that the elections were rigged.
In May of 2005 Biya met with Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo in Geneva, Switzerland, to resolve disputes over the Bakassi Peninsula, something that had been going on since the split up of the British section of Cameroon in the 1960s.
Unfortunately, Cameroons citizens in 2005 were still feeling unrest, largely due to the problems between the Francophones and the Anglophones, which Biya has seemed unwilling to fix.
again," Biya said Wednesday in his televised address.
by the people, whom he "has never failed.
Biya is credited with instituting one of the more creative tactics in the history of rigged elections.
By Chris Mbunwe Christopher Jator NjechuSDF National Chairman, John Fru Ndi, has challenged President Paul Biya to shoulder his responsibility and bring back late President Ahmadou Ahidjo's corpse to the country.
be brought back to his home country, Cameroon, for a befitting burial.
this country, but that, unfortunately, Biya has never listened to him.
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First of all you headline “Biya is a bloody liar- Fru Ndi” but nowhere in the body of the article do you attribute the word “bloody” directly to Fru Ndi.
Secondly, you write that “Biya said it is incumbent on him that his predecessor be given a decent and befitting burial.
Again, you write “In the interview, Biya said he extended an invitation to Fru Ndi for them to dialogue in his home village, Mvomeka” This is not accurate.
Biya said (my translation): “We had an appointment; he picked my village and at the last moment did not show up.
Biya is referring to no other language than English.
Paul biya is just following in his master's footsteps.
I do not think Biya is lying but he has probably been duped by one of his officials.
When this person then found out that he could not finally get the meteing, he then lied to Biya that Fru Ndi could not come, knowing well that Biya is never in the field and doesn't even know what happens in Cameroon.
An example is Buea where Paul Biya had given out money and been told the roads had been constructed until he visited in 2000 at the time of the eruption of Mount Cameroon and saw the truth for himself.
You say Biya is an absentee landlord,and one of his minions must have taken a fast one over him.
This interview also gives an insight into the gap that exists between Fru Ndi,and Biya and shows the scorn with which Biya has treated him for so long.
Admitting the unprofessional journalism above is as good as admitting the fact too that though Fru Ndi had not used such vehement words,Biya is really a bloody liar.
It is true the posting tells the world about the scorn Biya has always held Ni Fru with.
I think Fru Ndi had long learnt that Biya is a man of bad faith.
If Biya is frightened of FRu Ndi now internally,it means he has been feeling the heat.
Biya joined the organization strategically to prevent the recognition of the Southern Cameroons Peoples struggle againt annexation by La Republique du Cameroun – herself a beneficiary of UN proclamations against colonialism.
Biya is as guilty of his conscious endeavours as Ahmadou Ahidjo was.
Biya is setting a tone for his successor and conditioning French expectations.
As others have said, Mr Biya is the best advocate for causes of the Southern Cameroons National Council.
First Biya finds himself in France,where its considered a taboo to speak any language other than French talk less of English.
Then Biya is interviewed by a French journalist and in France and after having met the enigmatic Sarkozy.
Paul Biya knows he leads a bicultural nation.
Biya has a school at Etoudi where his children and those of some ambassadors and wealthy people attend.
Biya knows the power of English but he thought it wise to pacify the French wi.
Biya has the means and the numbers (via parliament and as a political action) to engineer a constitutional amendment to eternalize himself in power.
Biya is a consummate manipulator, one who rolls out trial balloons to test the waters for his political schemes.
Biya took over Radio Cameroon to tell tales about assassination attempts and coup plots by Ahidjo (the man who not only freely gave him power, but also made him vice president of the CNU.
Biya was a nobody in the CNU! He was not even a member of the Political Bureau.
Biya took the extra precaution of giving parliamentarians huge bribe money for the Christmas Season.
Biya has always leaked out the names of potential appointees into his governments just to get public reaction to the names.
Biya is quoted as telling his family member: I authorized fraud in the 1997 not to this scale.
Biya said Je ne veux rien entendre, je veux ganger les elections.
all i have to tell all Cameroonians is that they should wake from slumber and recognize the fact that its not yet too late for US to make a common voice and change our country.
But last night (Wednesday 29 Oct 2008, 22:00 gmt) saw chaos at the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu, where Paul Biya was reportedly rushed in after his Quebec trip.
Biya is currently thought to be deceased by Swiss authorities, but no official declaration has been made to this effect.
or was it in London? No one was really sure.
success of the national football team, or used intimidation to get elected.
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Biya was born in the village of Mvomeka'a in the Centre-South Province of what was then French Cameroon.
Forty five minutes that saw solemnity and diplomatic niceties at the very best.
President Biya has been supportive of US.
Mr Paul BIYA has been married since 23 April 1994 to Chantal BIYA, after his first wife died on 29 July 1992.
He has three children: Frank BIYA, Paul BIYA Jr and Anastasie Brenda BIYA EYENGA.
PUBLICATION Mr Paul BIYA is the author of a political essay entitled Communal liberalism (Macmillan publishers Ltd, London 1987.
President Paul Biya is the head of state for Cameroon.
30/12/2008: The President of the Republic, Paul Biya has signed a number of decrees appointing officials in the Higher Education Ministry and Cameroon.