Minister of Defense Remy Ze Meka of Cameroon

Ze Meka has previously said the country was facing "a new kind of conflict with an invisible enemy" in Bakassi, referring to armed groups fleeing Nigerian security forces across the border.
The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Remy Ze Meka was the first member of government to defend the draft budgetary allocation for the ministry in the 2009 financial year at the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly yesterday.
In an introductory statement, Remy Ze Meka said the Ministry of Defence will step up efforts to secure Cameroon's land borders, rural areas that are largely in the grip of highway robbers, and other hostage takers.
Since we signed peace accords with Nigeria in 2004, we have been conducting a new kind of war where the enemy is in invisible, Cameroonian Defense Minister Remy Ze Meka was quoted as saying Monday by the widely-read Tribune newspaper.
Minister Remy Ze Meka said his troops had fought off an attack by men in three speed boats.
Describing the assault "vile and barbaric", Ze Meka said an official funeral ceremony would be organised on Thursday in Douala in the memory of the "21 valiant soldiers who died in the field of honour.
11/08/2008: The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Rmy Ze Meka was in Bakassi to congratulate and encourage the Cameroonian soldiers stationed out there.
Rmy Ze Meka was accompanied on this mission by the Army Chief of Staff, the Major General Rene Claude Meka, and other top ranking officials of the forces of defence.
The Minister of defense Remy Ze Meka has assured Parliamentarians that his ministry is putting hands on deck to make sure that national security is guaranteed especially along the nation’s territorial boundaries.
On Biya’s Brief Case StoryAlso responding to the Honorable Peter Fonso Cho, on the issue of the attempt to steal the presidents brief Case, Remy Ze Meka said he was not at the scene of the action but he was interested because it was a matter of state, national and international security.
Remy Ze Meka said that some members of the unit have been sanctioned for releasing criminals.
installation of the Northwest Gendarmerie Legion Commander, Lt.
Ze Meka was speaking during a working session that followed the installation of the Northwest Gendarmerie Legion Commander, Lt.