Minister of International Cooperation Bev Oda of Canada

As the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Bev Oda is lobbying hard in Ottawa for stricter controls on content downloaded from the internet.
In an interview with Montreal newspaper La Presse, Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda admits that she does not read books, listen to music, or watch Canadian television programming.
But when asked by La Presse to name the last Quebecois album she listened to, Oda had little more to offer than a pathetic excuse: You know what? I dont have the time to listen to music.
Vice-President, Industry Affairs, at CTV.
Is that the same budget that his then Heritage Minister Bev Oda lived within when she sent back the mini van that had been rented for her and ordered limos for her and her staff at the Junos gala in 2006? She even used the $1,000-a-day limos two days before the Junos even began.
Our Lady of the Limo, sneaky Bev Oda has been tagged again for her propensity to indulge in the luxuries of the stretchy car.
Oda takes US for a ride to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars.
Oda was shamed into reimbursing the country for somewhat less than half of her Juno rides but it turns out this is a habitual peculiarity of the Minister who was shuffled out of Heritage to International Co-Operation.
Oda was also renowned for following in the suspect footsteps of Liberal Sarmite Bulte, taking plenty of cash from CRIA and other media moguls that were trying to buy up some hand picked copyright and media legislation.
Back on the shaming front, Oda was forced to cancel a fundraiser featuring all of the entities her ministry was supposed to be regulating.
Oda was an Ontario Film Review Board Member in 1986-87, and a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Commissioner from 1987 to 1993.
Oda was for many years a volunteer with the Progressive Conservative Party.
Following her election, Oda was named as the Conservative Party critic for the Ministry of Heritage.
Oda is not herself Chinese, but is Canada's first parliamentarian of Japanese heritage.
On February 6, 2006, Oda was sworn in as Heritage Minister in the cabinet of the newly elected Conservative government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Oda was re-elected in the 2008 federal election.
Bev Oda has recently been accused of hiding over 17000 dollars of limo expenses billed to tax payers.
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Bev Oda is the odd-on favourite to become Canada's next Minister of Heritage, one must look at the massive contributions to her election campaign from the A-list of media copyright groups and companies with an eyebrow raised.
What evidence does he have that something fishy is afoot? Well it turns out Minister Oda has taken contributions from various copyright lobby industries and orgnizations, when they havent given contributions to any other riding in Canada!* I guess they know where to target their money.
Instead of protecting these businesses, Minister Oda is proposing to attack them in order to prop up the ailing, American record labels and movie studios.
Oda is Canada's copyright czar, in charge of regulating entertainment, software and other copyright companies -- the same companies who footed the bill for her election campaign.
Canwest News ServicePublished: Thursday, May 08, 2008OTTAWA -- Roasted by the opposition months ago for racking up thousands of dollars in limousine costs while she attended the Junos in Halifax, Conservative minister Bev Oda is under fire for much the same thing.
Oda is now the minister responsible for the Canada International Development Agency.
A winner of the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal, Oda was also inducted into Canada's Broadcast Hall of Fame in 2003.
Oda was involved with theProgressive Conservative party and served as campaign manager for Ontario MPP John O'Toole during his successful 2003 campaign.
During her first term, Oda was an outspoken Conservative culture critic, speaking up on many issues, including the lockout at the CBC.
Minister Bev Oda was here on the weekend and made the announcement for the contract of the Dhala Dam.
International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda is in Kabul as part of an ongoing push by Ottawa to refine Canada's goals and objectives in Afghanistan.
Oda is the second federal cabinet minister to visit Afghanistan in the space of a week, following on.
The CBC is reporting that Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda is committing $29 million to fund new media over the next two years (Oda pledges funding for new media at Banff TV fest.
Moreover, as the odds-on favourite to become the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Oda accepted thousands of dollars from broadcasting and copyright interests during the most recent election campaign, with her two largest contributions coming from individuals linked to two industry giants - Rogers and Standard Radio.
It turns out that as Oda was moving between events (including her private lunch with CRIA and the foreign-owned record companies), Oda and her staff ran up $5,500 in limousine bills, ordering several cars each day with some idling for seven hours at a time.
On the day of the Junos, Oda had three limos on stand-by at all times.
Then news came that Bev Oda was alleged to have organized and canceled a fundraiser which involved broadcasters.
According to an article in The Hill Times, Bev Oda was accused of 'having a conflict of interest' by Charlie Angus.
Combined with the apparent $250-per-plate fundraiser that was supposed to be held this year, it was enough for Charlie to say that the whole thing "smells" and that Bev Oda is "very closely tied to the industry" even though in 2004, a stakeholder donated "a couple of hundred dollars.
Beyond that, it's been strictly left up to speculation as to exactly what Bev Oda is up to - especially for copyright reform.
Oda has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto.
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The Hill Times, November 13th, 2006NEWS STORYMinister Oda accused of 'conflict' over a 2005 fundraiserMinister's Office says $15,000 fundraiser held before last election was not a conflict By Abbas Rana and Simon DoyleHeritage Minister Bev Oda is being accused of a "conflict of interest" for raising $15,000 at a re-election fundraiser organized by three top broadcasting industry leaders in May 2005, but the Heritage Minister's Office disputes the charge, saying Ms.
Oda was at the time an opposition MP.
That's more indicative of the pattern that Bev Oda has established.
Oda was first elected to Parliament.
Oda is a minister, she said: " perception, I would imagine.
Oda is just another MPiggy ravishing the public treasury with her face firmly planted in the trough.
Bev Oda is an honourable minister, who has announced major funding for humanitarian aid as a Minister.