Minister of State (Sport) Gary Lunn of Canada

In April 2001, Lunn was one of the first Alliance MPs to openly criticize the leadership of Stockwell Day, and was suspended from caucus in May of the same year as a result.
Lunn was Minister of Natural Resources in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper from February 6, 2006 to October 30, 2008, when he became Minister of State (Sport) and Minister responsible for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.
As the Official Opposition Critic of Public Works, Lunn has been a busy man, and probably has more than a few enemies in the Liberal Party.
According to the account, Gary Lunn has reported the call to the RCMP and to the press.
Lunn said the merger was not simply about achieving electoral success, but about a shared vision.
Lunn has been encouraged to act by the terrible story of 14 year old Lindsey Nicholls, who went missing ten years ago while going to Courtenay to visit friends.
Gary Lunn was critical of Tuesday’s federal budget, which has the 2nd largest percentage increase in spending in 40 years.
on Thursday, December 19th from 2-5 PM.
Local MP Gary Lunn was a member of the 1998 House of Commons Fisheries Committee.
Gary Lunn has had enough of what he considers to be young offenders getting off the hook too easily.
Jim Hackler, a University of Victoria sociology professor who specializes in youth crime, says Lunn is behind the times.
Gary Lunn has introduced a Private Members Bill that would amend Section 745.
Lunn said he's thrilled with the news.
Gary Lunn was first elected as a Member of Parliament in 1997 and re-elected in 2000, 2004, 2006 and 2008.
MP Gary Lunn is pro-nukes, oil sands, mega-tankers -- and his riding is one of BC's greenest.
The next election, Tupper pointed out, will be the first where Lunn has a record, both for him to run on and for opponents to attack.
And to prove it, Dogwood has analyzed the poll-by-poll results from the last federal election so they can target areas where Lunn was strongest with door-to-door campaigning, petitions and public meetings about the off-shore moratorium.
No doubt Lunn is busily raising money from the fossil fuel industry to help propel him into the next election.
Lunn has tried to make a big deal out of burning natural gas to extract oil from tar.
Lunn sent a couple of his staffers (or whatever they were) to Europe to attend a meeting with other countries on banning exports of asbestos.
Notwithstanding the fact, nothing much will change until progressives in this country start pressuring the political elites - whether Liberal, NDP or Green - to get their stupid act together.
If Gary Lunn is indeed for the nuclear option that can only be good.
Federal Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn joined provincial and municipal dignitaries to officially open the exchange, which received investments from the federal Gas Tax Fund and BC’s Provincial Transit Plan.
Minister Lunn Visits Canadian Scientists in Far North April 17, 2008:  NUNAVUT:  Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn says that our scientists are successfully building the case for Canada to assert its sovereignty over portions of the Polar Continental Shelf.
NEPTUNE Canada Installation Ready to Begin Victoria BC - August 22, 2007 - Minister Lunn was on hand to celebrate NEPTUNE Canada, the world’s first regional cabled ocean observatory, which is ready for installation off the coast of British Columbia.
Support for Lunn had to get out directly, she said.
Lunn was suspended from caucus last May for criticizing then leader Stockwell Day.
Lunn said he's sworn off publicly criticizing the party or its members, and he's keeping his opinions to himself about the party's upcoming leadership vote.
Some Alliance MPs say Lunn has his work cut out for him in rebuilding respect and credibility within the caucus.
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Lunn said he favours nuclear energy to extract petroleum from the oilsands in Alberta.
Gary Lunn was born on Wednesday, May 08, 1957 in Trail and he is a famous politician from Canada of Roman Catholic religion.
Lunn is the minister answerable to the fiasco at Chalk River, where an Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.
Lunn is responsible for both AECL (a Crown corporation) and the safety commission, whose president he dismissed late Tuesday night.
Lunn is evidently desperate to avoid responsibility for a mess that he should have known enough to avert.
Thought I write an extensive piece on the whole episode of AECL isotope crisis and what Gary Lunn said in todays committee hearing.
So only what Lunn says will be on the record.
Gary Lunn took the usual excuse of Linda Keen putting the life of Canadian at risk, hoping that his government own shortcomings will go unnoticed.
The rumour then has it that the person called Gary Lunn's home, presumably unintentionally, and that Lunn has since gotten in touch with the press and the RCMP.
pLunn has never been popular with environmentalists.
pThe idea is one Lunn has spoken highly of in the past.
pLunn has also come under fire for other oil sands initiatives.
pLunn has won four consecutive elections in Saanich-Gulf Islands.
and public meetings about the off-shore moratorium.
The first 8 pages of Letter from President Linda Keen to Minister Gary Lunn is a must read for everyone interested in this controversy (and it is an easy read.
Lunn has definitely crossed the line of pressuring, intimidating an **independent** federal government agency that Hon.
Lunn had done was much worst as he actively pressured and threated to fire Ms.
Apparently our Minister of Natural Resources Gary Lunn found the Nuclear industry under this year's mistletoe and gave 'em a nice big wet one right on the lips.
Lunn is now convinced the taxpayers will just simply ignore the privitization of this gargantuan investment, while he wraps up a bargain with a nice bow and delivers it to private industry just in time for Xmas.