Minister of Transport, Infrastructure, and Communities John Baird of Canada

Federal Environment Minister John Baird took a boat tour of the area.
By the way, whenever youre assessing anything Environment Minister John Baird says about emissions cuts, make sure hes being clear about what his baseline is.
Environment Minister John Baird met the Ottawa Citizens editorial board to talk about his greenhouse-gas plan for heavy emitters (among other things, since hes an Ottawa MP as well.
Baird was sworn in as Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communitites, replacing Lawrence Cannon, on October 30, 2008, in the cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Baird had held the post of Minister of the Environment since Prime Minister Harper's cabinet reshuffle of January 2007.
Since his beginning in the political ranks, Baird is well known for being combative in many subjects in both levels of government.
As Environment Minister, Baird has been opposed to the Kyoto Protocol which Canada had previously ratified.
The next year, at age sixteen, Baird was the youngest delegate to attend the party's January 1985 leadership convention.
Baird has been a vegetarian since 1997.
Baird was regarded as less combative as Energy Minister than he had been in Community and Social Services.
At one stage, Baird described Curling's job performance as an "absolute disgrace.
In December 2006, Baird was one of thirteen Conservative MPs who voted against reopening the national debate on same-sex marriage.
Baird described Reid's criticisms as "excessive," saying that most of the commissioner's specific concerns were minor in nature.
Baird denied this charge, saying that his intervention was not political.
John Logie Baird was born on August 13th, 1888, in Helensburgh, Dunbarton, Scotland and died on June 14th, 1946, in Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, England.
John Baird received a diploma course in electrical engineering at the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College (now called Strathclyde University), and studied towards his Bachelor of Science Degree in electrical engineering from the University of Glasgow, interrupted by the outbreak of W.
Baird is best remembered for inventing a mechanical television system.
Chiarelli had said that the contract had to be signed by all funding partners by mid-October to guarantee the price, but Baird said publicly the deadline was really Dec 14.
Baird came in and did what he did, then that became a catalyst for people, said Waddell.
Baird had promised, after the municipal election, that the $200 million would be there for any light rail project the new council approved.
Baird has also done is expose the people of Canada for liability of his actions, McGuinty said.
Baird was given the contract for the express purpose of giving it to Treasury Board staff for an audit.
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Baird was at the forefront of virtually all developments in television and continued research into color, stereoscopic, and big-screen television until his death.
Baird was reported to have completed research on stereoscopic television at the time of his death.
Baird came from Helensburgh (Dumbartonshire) and studied electrical engineering at Glasgow University.
Baird was assisted by James Thomson (1835–1905), who became his partner, and Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson worked in the office 1836–48.
Baird was born in Helensburgh, Argyll, Scotland.
Although the development of television was the result of work by many inventors, Baird is one of its foremost pioneers and made major advances in the field.
From December 1944 until his death two years later, Baird lived at a house in Station Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, immediately north of the station itself.
Malcolm Baird said in an interview that had his father known how TV would turn out in sixty years time, he would have dropped it and turned to other inventions.
John Baird is a Canadian politician.
Baird is a Conservative member of Parliament for the riding of Ottawa West-Nepean in 2006 and appointed to the Privy Council as President of the Treasury Board in Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's first cabinet.
Baird is a life-long resident of Nepean, Ontario, Canada.
Canadian Environment Minister John Baird has been under attack since his Green Plan was announced by some high profile critics and opposition parties as well.
Environment Minister John Baird is known as a willing competent when it comes to fighting the cabinet's battles, maybe that's why Rona Ambrose was replaced when they were surprised by the level of interest that voters had in the environment and began to look bad when critics started taking shots at their delay tactics, they have shown a tendency to get defensive when the topic comes up.
Baird said it's easy to complain when you're "on the sidelines" instead of making government policy.
var yahooBuzzArticleSummary = "Canadian Environment Minister John Baird has been under attack since his Green Plan was announced by some high profile critics and opposition parties as well.
John Logie Baird was also conducting experiments in other areas of research.
elements of this particular experiment would surface again in his life.
now called Strathclyde University.
business with damp-proof socks invented by him.
Baird joined a friend in Trinidad.
twice and caused a small explosion, he evicted Baird from his lodgings.
in darkness, but he found that this was damaging to the subject's eyes.
of a self-contained infrared viewer on Box Hill in Surrey on August 9th.
In 1931 John Logie Baird married the concert pianist Margaret Albu.
its relationship with him the following year.
to be, in his own words, "a free agent.
no hope of procuring benevolent corporate backers, Baird was on his own.
autobiography while he was convalescing, but lived only another five years.
OTTAWA, Aug 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Minister Baird joined delegates from the Association of Canadian Municipalities Conference this week to tour the PlascoEnergy Group Inc.
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The honourable John Baird was elected as the Member of Parliament for the riding of Ottawa West-Nepean on January 23, 2006.
Baird was appointed to the Privy Council as President of the Treasury Board in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's first cabinet.
Baird was sworn in as Minister of the Environment in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's second cabinet.
During his time as President of the Treasury Board, Minister Baird was responsible for steering Canada's toughest piece of anti-corruption legislation, the Federal Accountability Act through the House of Commons.
Baird is a long-standing member of the Royal Canadian Legion (Bell's Corners Branch), an honourary member of the Nepean Kiwanis and a lifetime member of Canada's largest Association for Community Living.
Baird is a life-long resident of Nepean, Ontario.
if John Baird had one or two wifes and what their names were.
Baird married Sarah Helridge in 1762.
Baird married Derwick Banlalaw 1772.
Baird married Craig (Last name unknown.
Baird married James Tapscott 1772.
Franklin Baird married Elizabeth Wagner.
convalescing, but lived only another five years.
is evidence that he joined the military services.
also for use in secret signalling for the armed forces.
Canada won't formally withdraw from KyotoOct 20 - Seeded by Salmon CenterSource: The Globe and MailOTTAWA -- Environment Minister John Baird says Canada will not formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, even though the Conservative government's latest Throne Speech declared the objectives in the global climate change treaty are unattainable.
Riverside Police Department for about one year in 1912.
named acting chief until a new Chief could be appointed.
At 33 years of age, Deputy Chief Baird was on the short list for the position.
Baird in self-defense when he thought Baird was reaching for a gun in his coat pocket.
Deputy Chief Baird is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Riverside.
resolution using interlacing technology.
best resolution Baird had achieved was 180 lines per frame.
John Baird is on the Board of Baird & Warner, Inc.
true' television in London, January 1926.
OTTAWA, Oct 30 (UPI) -- Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced his new cabinet Thursday in Ottawa, with economic expertise high on the agenda.
Baird is completely incompetent as environment minister and is taking Canada down a shameful path to becoming an international environmental pariah.
Baird was born in Ottawa, Ontario.
At sixteen years old, Baird was the youngest delegate to attend the party's January 1985 leadership convention.
Baird has also indicated that he was charged with trespassing during the 1988 federal election, after he tried to question Ontario Ontario Premier David Peterson about free trade with the United States during a Liberal Party campaign stop in a Kingston shopping mall.
While Baird had previously been associated with moderate Tories such as Timbrell and Beatty, he became associated with the more right-wing ideology of the Mike Harris-led Ontario PC party upon entering provincial politics.
The youngest member of the legislature, Baird was appointed parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Labour on July 13, 1995.
Baird joined Premier Harris's cabinet on June 17, 1999 as Minister of Community and Social Services, where he became responsible for implementing and expanding Ontario's workfare program.
Baird came under criticism in late 1999 for refusing to cancel a five-year contract that had been signed between his department and the Bermuda-based private firm Andersen Consulting (later Accenture), worth up to $180 million.
In response to opposition questions, Baird said that he would not terminate the contract but would endeavour to negotiate a lower rate.
Baird expressed concern about the physical condition of these institutions, saying that their residents deserve better.
Baird supported mandatory drug-testing for welfare recipients, and argued that those who refused such tests should be at risk of have their funding cut off.
Baird denied that the message was partisan, and initially refused to apologize.
Responding to criticism, Baird said that he could not comment on the specifics of the case until a coroner's inquest was completed.
Baird was given additional responsibilities as Minister responsible for Children on February 8, 2001.
Baird was the first cabinet minister to support Jim Flaherty's campaign to succeed Mike Harris as Progressive Conservative Party leader in the party's 2002 leadership election.
Baird was returned to a more prominent cabinet position in August 2002, when Eves separated the ministries of Environment and Energy and appointed him to head the latter department.
As Energy Minister, Baird was initially entrusted with implementing the government's plan to sell off part of Ontario's Hydro One.
Baird was less combative as Energy Minister than he had been in Community and Social Services.
Baird was also able to demonstrate his sense of humour during this period.
Baird was given additional responsibilities as Government House Leader in June 2003, when Chris Stockwell was forced to resign after allegations that he had used government funds for a family vacation.
The Ontario Liberal Party won a majority government in the 2003 election, although Baird was comfortably re-elected in his own seat.
Although Baird was generally on the right-wing of the provincial Progressive Conservative Party, he expressed liberal views on some social issues.
Baird supported a Canadian Alliance candidate in the 2000 federal election, and supported Stephen Harper's bid to lead the newly-formed Conservative Party of Canada in its 2004 leadership election.
Baird was elected, defeating Liberal candidate Lee Farnworth by about 5,000 votes.
Baird was appointed President of the Treasury Board on February 6, 2006, a position that places him in charge of the federal public service.
Following his appointment, Baird said that one of his priorities would be to prevent government jobs from being relocated from Ottawa to other regions for political purposes.
Baird has played an aggressive role in Question Period since has appointment to cabinet, leading MP Garth Turner to describe him as Stephen Harper's Commons pit bull.
Baird described Reid's criticisms as excessive, adding that most of the commissioner's specific disagreements with the government were minor in nature.
Baird has rejected this outright, suggesting that Liberal Senators want to increase the role of big money in politics.
Riley argues that the most sensible compromise would be to delay implementation of the bill until after the convention, although she adds that Baird has shown no inclination to take this course of action.
In May 2006, Baird was asked to find $1 billion in cuts for 2006 and 2007.
Baird has argued that government funding will be redirected in a way that reflects the priorities of working families and that he just didn't think it made sense for the government to subsidize lawyers to challenge the government's own laws in court.
Baird is nicknamed Rusty, a shortened version of his middle name.