Permanent Representative to the UN, New York John Mcnee of Canada

John McNee is a Canadian career diplomat.
As of 2007 McNee is Canada's Ambassador to the United Nations.
From 2004 until 2006 McNee was Canada's Ambassador to Belgium.
Tucker McNee, or more commonly known as "Today's Fabio" for his stunning good looks and charm with women.
John McNee is probably the most important Canadian you've never heard of.
As the country's new ambassador to the United Nations, McNee is standing squarely at the epicentre of increasingly explosive world affairs, representing a new Conservative government clearly intent on playing a more vigorous role.
McNee has a job that is not only important to the Conservatives' political fate.
And Canadians love the UN and what it stands for, so McNee is also carrying the burden of those expectations on his shoulders.
A quick glance at the glass table in his office reveals McNee has been reading a biography of the new prime minister.
The broad direction is set by the government," McNee said in an exclusive early-October interview with the Western Standard, his first public interview since his posting.
McNee had been chosen in February to succeed Rock.
McNee was recently Canada's ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg, a post he held from September 2004 until this June.
McNee has a history degree from York University and a master's degree, also in history, from Cambridge University.
McNee also knows the country's current Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, who served as finance minister while McNee was in the region.
The original Gaelic form of the name McNee is Mac Neidhe, which is derived from the word niadh, which means champion.
Ambassador McNee was appointed as Canada’s Permanent Representative to the UN in 2006.
Immediately prior to his joining the UN as Canadian Permanent Representative, Ambassador McNee was Canada’s Ambassador to Belgium.
Euphemia McNee was born in 1840 in NSW4 and died in 1942 in Lithgow, NSW at age 102.
Hugh McNee was born on October 19, 1841 in Queanbeyan, NSW and died on May 19, 1913 in Crows Nest, Towoomba, QLD at age 71.
Ellen McNee was born in 1843 in Cathcart, NSW,5 died on October 10, 1874 in Bombala, NSW6 at age 31, and was buried in Bombala Cemetery, NSW Grave 284.
John McNee was born in 1846 in NSW7 and died in 1899 in Bombala, NSW8 at age 53.
James McNee was born in 1848 in NSW9 and died in 1912 in Bombala, NSW10 at age 64.
Jane McNee was born in 1853 in NSW11 and died in 1950 in Paddington, NSW12 at age 97.
Mary McNee was born in 1855 in Bombala, NSW,13 died on August 7, 1926 in Bombala, NSW14 at age 71, and was buried in Bombala Cemetery, NSW Grave 280.
Donald McNee was born in 1859 in Cathcart, NSW and died in 1934 in Randwick, NSW15 at age 75.
James McNee was born on October 16, 1866 in Cathcart, NSW.
Helen McNee was born on April 29, 1874 in Cathcart, NSW43 and died in 1967 in Goulburn, NSW44 at age 93.
Mary Ann McNee was born on April 29, 1868 in Cathcart, NSW.
Donald McNee was born on August 27, 1870 in Cathcart, NSW.
Patrick McNee was born on October 17, 1872 in Cathcart, NSW.
Martha McNee was born on February 27, 1877 in Cathcart, NSW48 and died on February 18, 1961 at age 83.
Elizabeth McNee was born on August 24, 1880 in Cathcart, NSW49 and died on June 10, 1981 at age 100.
Jane McNee was born on July 23, 1882 in Cathcart, NSW50 and died on October 30, 1981 in Toowoomba, QLD at age 99.
James Clarence McNee was born in 1880 in Eden, NSW,68 died on September 20, 1956 in Bibbenluke, NSW69 at age 76, and was buried in Bibbenluke Cemetery, NSW Grave 21.
Barbara Mary Ellen McNee was born in 1882 in Eden, NSW70 and died in 1945 in Randwick, NSW71 at age 63.
McNee was born in 1884 in Bombala, NSW84 and died in 1973 in Parramatta, NSW85 at age 89.
Donald McNee was born in 1887 in Bombala, NSW,87 died on August 12, 1959 in Cooma, NSW88 at age 72, and was buried in Cooma Cemetery, NSW Grave 714.
Kenneth Leslie McNee was born in 1894 in Bombala, NSW149 and died in 1943 in Glen Innes, NSW150 at age 49.
Mary Harriett McNee was born in 1896 in Bombala, NSW.
Annie McNee was born in 1900 in Bombala, NSW.
McNee was born in 1902 and died in 1902 in Bombala, NSW.
McNee was born in 1903 in Bega, NSW.
Amy McNee was born in 1905 in Bombala, NSW.
McNee was born in 1902 in Bombala, NSW.
McNee was born in 1904 in Bemboka, NSW.
McNee was born in 1905 in Candelo, NSW.
McNee said tha,t besides huge infrastructure challenges, what was also striking was the flow of basic foods like eggs, chickens and bananas across from the Dominican Republic, since they would have been thought to be home grown.
McNee said the Group was still formulating its recommendations, but he echoed the findings of their previous report, which stressed that Haiti must remain on the international agenda and receive more support.
McNee was Physician to the King in Scotland, 1937 to 1952, and to the Queen, 1952 to 1954.
Speaking to an audience of students at Glendon on Nov 3, McNee was quick to point out that the European Union – a unique creation in international relations and a huge success on both the political and economic fronts – is currently facing an important crossroads as a result of rapid globalization and the aging populations of its member countries.
While nationalism and the old fears resulted in their voting down the constitution, McNee said the process did bring an important benefit in the rise of a serious discussion about the EU's future.
McNee said Canada has great advantages in being a country built on immigration which welcomes the diversity and change it brings.
McNee expressed optimism about the possibility of expanding the North American Free Trade Agreement to include the European Union, which he considers a natural partner with shared values and a similar approach to collaboration.
John McNee is the Ambassador to the United Nations for Canada.