Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) Keith Ashfield of Canada

ISLAND (CBC) - Newly elected Fredericton MP Keith Ashfield is a surprise addition to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's second cabinet.
Although the soft spoken Keith Ashfield is very low key he is also likeable and the folks seem to have taken to him.
Although the only thing Ashfield has done is get the new on ramp to the TCH it was the only thing he promised in 1999.
Ashfield was a school trustee for a number of years and was first a candidate for the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick in the 1991 election.
Ashfield was again a candidate in 1999 and was successful, defeating cabinet minister Joan Kingston in the riding of New Maryland.
Perhaps the negative attention of my response to her racist statements as two and three in a google search of NB Tory Lady, and four and five in a google search of Keith Ashfield was enough attention that simply folding the entire site just made sense.
resulting in considerable economic spin-offs.
Federal Conservative candidate Keith Ashfield says he supports small-business owners in Fredericton who are upset about hikes to Visa and MasterCard merchant fees.
FREDERICTON - Federal cabinet minister Keith Ashfield is promising millions more in funding for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency in his governments January budget, money he says will support infrastructure projects and create jobs during tough economic times.
But Ashfield said the new funds will help fulfill Prime Minister Stephen Harpers pledge to accelerate infrastructure spending in the Jan 27 budget - to "spur the economy and create employment.
Tory MP Keith Ashfield says the move by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to shut down Parliament was the right one to make.
Ashfield said that support will remove the possibility of a snap federal election and will put the Oppositions threat of a coalition government to rest.
Even without that historic drama, Ashfield says it is a challenge to shift from provincial to federal politics.
Keith Ashfield has been appointed new ACOA minister in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet.
Contributed by Keith Ashfield)Newly elected Fredericton MP Keith Ashfield is a surprise addition to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's second cabinet.
Business New Brunswick Minister Greg Byrne said Ashfield is acutely aware of some of the projects that are a top priority for the province because he has served in the legislature.
Ashfield turned Fredericton to the Conservative column for the first time since 1993 by winning 42 per cent of the vote over Liberal candidate David Innes.
Ashfield was considered a strong candidate for the Conservatives because aside from his cabinet experience, he was a well-respected member of the Opposition caucus and had been considered a possible interim leader after Lord stepped aside.
Ashfield said he felt the riding was on the verge of switching to the Conservatives early on in his campaign as voters told him at the doors that they were nervous about the impact a carbon tax called for by Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion would have on the provincial economy.
Ashfield was first elected to the legislative assembly in 1999 in Bernard Lord's landslide election victory.
Despite their political differences, Ashfield said he can learn a lot from the outgoing Liberal MP.
Ashfield was first elected provincially in 1999 and eventually served as natural resources minister from 2003 to 2006.
Prior to being elected to politics, Ashfield was involved on school boards and trustee associations at the local, provincial and federal level.
Ashfield has tradition and name recognition on his side and the Liberals have And Scott and a good organization! I am informed that the NDP is too badly organized to win and they know it.
This time around, Liberal David Innes does not have most of these things, while Conservative Keith Ashfield is a strong candidate whose provincial experience may well translate to incumbent-level support in a large portion of the riding.
In Fredericton-proper David is certainly winning the sign war but in more rural parts of the region, in particular the Minto/Chipman area where Andy Scott has always had a strong showing, Ashfield is winning the lawn-sign war.
Keith Ashfield is one of the best known politicians in the local area.
This of course will depend on how Kieth Ashfield is accepted by the electorate in Fredericton.
Yes, Keith Ashfield is a sitting Tory MLA, but sitting in an opposition caucus that has been largely invisible since Bernard Lord's departure and provincial representing a riding in which only the top half juts into the Fredericton federal riding.
Green's will never get more than 1500-2000 votes here, I just dont think theyre just not as popular on the east coast as they are in AB/BC, except maybe theres a little chance in Central Nova for Elizabeth May This makes the Liberals a bit better off because of a weaker NDP in this riding but if Ashfield is running, he can easily take this away and make it a CPC gain.
Keith Ashfield is probably the best candidate to represent the CPC here since he has experience as an MLA and he'll give them a run for their money now that he has been selected as the candidate.
Now one of the PC MLA's Keith Ashfield is rumored to be running for the candidacy of the CPC in Fredericton.
Keith Ashfield was first elected to the House of Commons in 2008.
Ashfield was active in local, provincial and national school trustee associations.
After conservative Keith Ashfield was elected as Fredericton MP, artists fear he’ll follow suit with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.