Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon of Canada

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Lord High Gigalo can interview harpers ( taxpayer funded ) M.
The Conservatives have promised civilian projects such as a state-of-the-art icebreaker and a commercial harbour in the Nunavut community of Pangnirtung.
Cannon said Canadas plans and positions are clear enough to its partners without having to produce a policy paper.
Still here was what Lawrence Cannon said this week when pressed: Mr.
Lawrence Cannon said in Quebec City today he is worried about Robert Fowler and Louis Guay, who have been missing since Sunday.
Cannon says authorities in Niger have not been able to provide him with any information about their whereabouts.
His great-nephew Lawrence Cannon is a minister in Stephen Harper's cabinet, elected in 2006.
Cannon is the son of government lawyer Louis Cannon and Quebec television broadcast pioneer Rosemary "Posie" Power, and the grand-nephew of Lawrence Arthur Dumoulin Cannon, a long-time Liberal politician and Supreme Court judge.
Cannon received an MBA from Université Laval in 1979.
Cannon has been a long-time member of the Knights of Columbus.
Cannon was elected as councillor for the city of Gatineau in 2001, representing Hull's Val-Tétreau District, under mayor Yves Ducharme.
In 2001, Cannon was appointed to the Board of the World Commerce Institute, and then as President and General Manager of AmeriContact for the Quebec City Summit of the Americas in Quebec City.
However, Cannon is first on the list of ministers designated to fill in for Harper if he is unable to perform his duties, making him Deputy Prime Minister in practice if not in name.
Following the 2008 federal election, Cannon was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Cannon is one of the higher-ranking Red Tories in the Harper cabinet.
Cannon was campaigning in Maniwaki, Que.
Cannon was re-elected to the House of Commons.
Canada has not received a ransom demand for two Canadian diplomats missing in Niger since mid-December, and continues to probe their mysterious disappearance, Cannon said Wednesday.
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No plans to extend Afghan mission: Canadian ministerCanadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has said that there are no plans to extend Canadas mission in Afghanistan despite a suggestion from US Defence Secretary Robart Gates that troops should stay longer.
ANICanada condoles death of a Canadian in Mumbai attacksCanadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has confirmed the death of one Canadian citizen in the terror attacks in Mumbai.
goal, but are committed to developing made-in-Canada standards that achieve — at minimum — that same target in Canada," Federal Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon said at a press conference at the Montreal International Auto Show.
Cannon said by 2020, the average new vehicle sold in Canada will offer better fuel consumption than some hybrid cars on the road today.
This flurry of threats and misinformation is destined to continue with greater intensity for the next 60 days, the period in which Minister Cannon said the Government of Canada will consult with the automotive industry and environmental groups about the potential for auto emission standards that meet or exceed the new American regulations.
Then, Cannon refused to meet, and two Algonquins and four supporters were arrested for refusing to leave until Cannon met with them.
Lawrence Cannon is a first-time Member of Parliament and was elected to the House of Commons in 2006.
military lawyers predicted MondayTuesday, Jan 13, 2009Canada looks beyond usual suspects in Fowler disappearanceCanada and the United Nations may issue a “To Whom It May Concern” appeal in the search for Canadian diplomats who disappeared on a UN mission in Niger, global security experts sayTuesday, Jan 13, 2009Dallaire wants Obama to halt Khadr trialSenator Romeo Dallaire and several human rights activists were in Washington on Monday calling on president-elect Barack Obama to stop the upcoming trial of Omar Khadr in Guantanamo BayMonday, Jan 12, 2009No ransom demand received for envoyNo ransom demands have been received for two Canadian diplomats who went missing in Niger last month, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said yesterday, and every hypothesis is being considered about their disappearance , including whether government officials in that.
Officials try to determine diplomat's whereaboutsThe Province, Canada - Monday, Jan 12, 2009No ransom demands have been received for two Canadian diplomats who went missing in Niger last month, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said.
Toronto, Nov 29 - Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has confirmed the death of a second Canadian citizen in the terrorist attacks in Mumbai that have claimed 148 lives.
Earlier, Cannon had said that only one Canadian had died in the strike.
Toronto, Nov 28 - Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has confirmed that a Canadian was killed in the terror attacks in Mumbai, while a US-based meditation group said two Canadians, including Hollywood actor Michael Rudder, who were staying in the Indian city's Oberoi Trident hotel were injured.
This - morning, I spoke to the Indian foreign minister and, on behalf of the people of Canada, relayed my sincere condolences for those injured and killed in these barbaric attacks,' Cannon said in a state.
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Photograph by: Chris Wattie, Reuters, Canwest News ServiceCanada's parliamentary crisis is sowing worry among its international allies at a time of global instability and will drive away foreign investment, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said yesterday.
Cannon said he had to pass up a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels where "questions as fundamental as military operations in Afghanistan and the accession of Georgia and the Ukraine with NATO" were on the agenda.
Cannon said in the House yesterday, saying it's "not a scenario that is easy to explain to our allies and partners, who are striving mightily to achieve economic prosperity through political instability.
Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon says the government is 'held hostage by opposition parties.
Lawrence Cannon was first elected to the House of Commons in 2006 and re-elected in 2008.
Minister Lawrence Cannon met with Besnik Koni, Albania's Ambassador to Canada, and Vasela Mrden Korac, Croatia's Ambassador to Canada, on January 14, 2009, on the occasion of Canada ratifying the protocols of accession to NATO for.
Cannon was the founding leader of the Socialist Workers Party.
Canadian diplomats who vanished while on a high-level UN mission in the West African nation of Niger, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said yesterday.
Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said last week in Ottawa that "all resources" at the government's disposal, including the RCMP and the military, are being brought.
Cannon said efforts were continuing to arrange the evacuation of 39 Canadians caught up in the confrontation.
Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon says officials have been working in diplomatic channels and on the ground but apparently have no solid leads in their efforts to track down two Canadian diplomats who disappeared in Niger last month.
Nations and Red Cross to be used for humanitarian assistance in the Palestinian Territories, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said Wednesday.