Governor General Michaelle Jean of Canada

Fluent in five languages - French, English, Italian, Spanish and Haitian Creole - Michalle Jean is the first black Governor General of Canada.
Michalle Jean is married to filmmaker Jean-Daniel Lafond and has a young daughter.
Michalle Jean has also worked with aid organizations for immigrant women and families.
Michalle Jean joined Radio-Canada in 1988.
Since 1999, Michalle Jean has hosted CBC Newsworld's The Passionate Eye and Rough Cuts.
Michalle Jean has participated in a number of documentary films produced by her husband Jean-Daniel Lafond including La manire ngre ou Aim Csaire chemin faisant, Tropique Nord, Hati dans tous nos rves, and L'heure de Cuba.
Jean had the arrival timed specifically for International Women's Day, stating: "the women of Afghanistan may face the most unbearable conditions, but they never stop fighting for survival.
Though the initial explanation from Rideau Hall was fatigue on the part of the Governor General, later elaborations revealed that Jean had been suffering from Thyroid problems and she was relaxing at the recommendation of her doctor; Jean had previously been undertaking a hectic schedule, travelling to France for the 90th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge, and then back to Trenton, Ontario, for the arrival of the bodies of six Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan.
Later that month, journalist Chantal Hébert stated that Jean had "been wading uncommonly deep in political territory over the past few months", citing the Governor General's criticism of Quebec sovereigntists, and her support for the mission of Canadian troops in Afghanistan, expressed in first year anniversary interviews.
Following her installation as Governor General, Jean was granted a personal coat of arms by the Canadian Heraldic Authority, depicting her Haitian roots.
I think Michaëlle Jean is part of that group of the majority of Québeckers who haven’t taken (and don’t want to take) an absolute position on the question.
1 Sometime in the next few days Michaëlle Jean is going to have to make some serious decisions.
Former journalist and television broadcaster Michalle Jean was officially installed as Canadas 27th governor-general on Sept.
Jeans father suffered imprisonment and torture under the regime of Franois Duvalier, a circumstance that led to the familys flight to Canada when Jean was 11 years old.
All he really needed to know was that Jean was a Quebecker and a visible minority woman.
No matter what the truth is, Canadians should recognize that Jean was a perfect appointment, made by a prime minister who has no core beliefs.
The prime minister had made it clear to him that Michalle Jean was a committed federalist.
Like Clarkson, Jean is an immigrant and a journalist.
Jean is the third journalist in a row to be appointed to the viceregal post.
Since 1995, Jean has served as a host/reporter on many RDI programs such as Le Monde ce soir, L'Edition quebecoise, Horizons francophones, le Journal RDI and RDI à l'écoute.
Jean has also worked with renowned filmmaker Jean-Daniel Lafond to produce three independent documentaries: L'heure de Cuba (1999), about the 40th anniversary of the Cuban revolution, Tropique Nord (1994) about being black in Quebec and the Hot Docs award-winning Haiti dans tous nos rêves (1995.
Jean joined Radio-Canada in 1988, serving as a reporter for Actuel, then the public affairs news show Montréal ce soir in 1989.
pitch for passionate pitch for national unity.
that much of Canada's diverse population can relate to.
Jean was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and with her family fled as refugees to Canada in 1968.
In the film, Jean is seen with several sovereigntist hardliners, including poet Gerald Godin -- a co-founder of Rassemblment pour l'independence nationale and Parti Quebecois cabinet minister, Yves Prefontaine, former FLQ member Pierre Vallieres, novelist Dany Laferriere, Andree Ferretti and poet Paul Chamberland, according to Le Quebecois.
While it isn't clear what Jean was referring to 14 years ago, Le Quebecois has drawn fresh allegations about her position on Quebec sovereignty.
Jean has declined any public comment until she is sworn in on Sept.
Jean is to be sworn-in to replace Adrienne Clarkson on Sept.
Jean said one of her aims is to impress upon French officials that French-speaking Canada extends well beyond Quebec.
Michaelle Jean is returning to the land of her birth, Haiti, for a four-day visit beginning.
Jean has won numerous honours, including the Prix Mireille-Lanctt for a report on spousal violence; the Prix Anik for best information reporting in Canada for her investigation of the power of money in Haitian society; and the inaugural Amnesty International Canada Journalism Award.
23 NOVEMBER 2006Governor General Michaelle Jean enjoyed a unique welcome to Algeria at the weekend when she was greeted by a host of young girls cheerfully singing from the rooftops in an ancient kasbah.
During her former career as a TV journalist Ms Jean had hosted documentaries on Africa, but had never visited the continent herself.
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Michaelle Jean has the power to kick Stephen Harper out of parliament.
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Quote: : article on Michaelle Jean Jean was appointed by Queen Elizabeth.
Jean was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II, on the recommendation of Prime Minister Paul Martin, to succeed Adrienne Clarkson and become the 27th Governor General of Canada since Confederation in 1867.
Prior to this, Jean was a journalist and broadcaster on Radio-Canada and the CBC.
Jean fled Haiti with her family from dictator François Duvalier's regime in 1968.
As a student at the University of Montreal, Jean received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Italian and Hispanic languages and literature and, from 1984 until 1986, taught Italian studies while completing a Master of Arts degree in comparative literature.
Besides French and English, Jean is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and Haitian Creole and can read Portuguese.
Jean is married to documentary film-maker Jean-Daniel Lafond.
Jean was an award-winning reporter, filmmaker, and broadcaster, previously employed by Radio-Canada in 1988, where she worked as a reporter and then host of news and affairs programs such as Actuel, Montréal ce soir, Virages, and Le Point.
Jean is Canada's first black Governor General, the second person without either a political or military background (after Adrienne Clarkson), the second person from a visible minority (again after Clarkson), and foreign-born (like Clarkson, and breaking tradition since Vincent Massey's appointment), the second person in an interracial marriage (again after Clarkson), the third woman (after Jeanne Sauvé and Clarkson), the fourth-youngest person (after Lord Lorne (33 years old in 1878), Lord Lansdowne (38 years old in 1883) and Edward Schreyer (43 years old in 1979), and the fourth journalist (after Sauvé, Roméo LeBlanc and Clarkson) to hold the position.
Jean had held dual citizenship; she applied to become a French citizen upon marrying her husband who also held Canadian and French citizenship.
Four days following this, the August 17 edition of La Presse contained the information that Jean had appeared in a video documentary toasting "to independence" in a Montreal bar with several hard-line separatists.
close to music and especially to dance.
As far as Madam Jean is concerned, her present political views on separatism are less than clear.
Jean is making the trip at the request of Prime Minister Stephen Harper as Haitians struggle in the face of a food crisis exacerbated by hurricanes and tropical storms that have ravaged the country.
SPARWOOD, British Columbia, Jan 4 (UPI) -- Thousands of friends and family gathered in the tiny western Canadian coal-mining town of Sparwood Sunday to remember eight snowmobilers killed in avalanches.
Michaelle Jean said in her New Year's message 2008 was troubling and 2009 would require more solidarity among countries.
hold the title of governor general.
_ the first black and only the third woman to hold the title of governor general.
Michaëlle Jean is the current Govenor General of Canada.
Michaëlle Jean is not Canadian born; she was actually born in Haiti.
Michaëlle Jean is widely considered the most bangable Governor General since Jeanne Sauvé, or maybe Adrienne Clarkson if you were drunk enough.
Michalle Jean was born in Port au Prince, Haiti.
Michalle Jean has won numerous honours for her professional achievements, including: the Human Rights League of Canada's 1989 Media Award for her report titled La pasionaria, on the struggle of an immigrant woman in Québec; the Prix Mireille-Lanctt for her report titled Partir zéro, dealing with spousal violence; the Prix Anik for best information reporting in Canada for her investigation of the power of money in Haitian society; the inaugural Amnesty International Canada Journalism Award; the Galaxi Award for best information host; the 2001 Gemini Award for best interview in any category; and the Conseil de la Langue Franaise du Québec's Prix Raymond-Charette.
Michalle Jean has also been named to the Ordre des Chevaliers de La Pléiade by the Assemblée internationale des parlementaires de langue franaise, and has been made a citizen of honour by the City of Montreal and the Ministre de l'Immigration et des relations avec les citoyens of Quebec in recognition of her accomplishments in communications.
Michalle Jean is married to Jean-Daniel Lafond.
Governor General Michaelle Jean is the head of state for Canada.
Michaëlle Jean has granted the prime ministers request to suspend Parliament until the end of January.