Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Peter Van loan of Canada

Van Loan was a strategist long before he was elected.
Born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Van Loan is of Estonian heritage.
Van Loan was educated at the University of Toronto and York University and holds a bachelor’s degree, a Masters in International Relations and an additional Masters degree in geography.
Prior to his election to public office, Van Loan was a partner and Chair of the Planning and Development Law Group at the law firm of Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP in Toronto, Ontario.
Van Loan was also an Adjunct Professor of Planning at the University of Toronto.
Van Loan was a key figure in the unsuccessful attempt to convince Premier of New Brunswick Bernard Lord to run for the leadership of the federal Progressive Conservatives in late 2002.
In an article from January 24, 2008, Van Loan was classified as one of "Harper's 12", the twelve most influential people in Ottawa, by Maclean's Magazine.
On these changes Don Martin wrote: "The House of Commons might become a slightly friendlier place now that Peter Van Loan has lost the job of Question Period cheap shot specialist to become Public Safety Minister, a good move that seems to back Harper’s pledge to play nice with others during the upcoming session.
Peter Van Loan is currently the Minister responsible for Democratic Reform and the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons.
Van Loan is unworthy of his office.
While the Liberal's LeDrew is stabbing the backs of both current and past leaders, we have to go back a few years and remember Van Loan had been pushing for Progressive Conservative Party of Canada leader Joe Clark to be replaced.
Clark won the challenge and instead Van Loan was pushed out.
So the relative value of Van Loan's contribution to Canadian democracy is subject to some dispute.
Not to mention the witch hunting of the Ethics Committee which forced Mulroneys chef to testify.
Peter Van Loan was first elected to the House of Commons in 2004 and re elected in 2006 and 2008.
Van Loan said Elections Canada may want to make it feasible for veiled Muslim women to uncover their faces behind a screen and in front of a female elections official.
It's a provision that's going to give them more seats, more new seats than any other province," Van Loan said Wednesday.
As for Ontario, Van Loan said it is getting more new seats than any other province, adding that it already has the most seats in the House of Commons.
Minister of Public SafetyYork–Simcoe (Ontario)Peter Van Loan was first elected to the House of Commons in 2004 and re elected in 2006 and 2008.
Van Loan was appointed President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister for Sport in November 2006, and was named Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform in January 2007.
Van Loan has also been active in the community, serving as a member of the Georgina Economic Development Committee, a former executive member of the Canadian Bar Association – Ontario, Municipal Section, and a member of the Ontario Brownfields Advisory Panel.
Van Loan denied attacking Clark's leadership.
Clark made clear through comments this week, publicly, that his personal view is he doesn't regard our relationship in that light,'' Van Loan said in an interview from Toronto.
But some Tory caucus members have also complained that Van Loan had been covertly questioning Clark's leadership.
Van Loan is a Tory die hard who campaigned for two years to win the party presidency last October.
A former Ontario party president, Van Loan is one of the most influential followers of premier Mike Harris still with the national party.
Peter MacKay, the Nova Scotia MP frequently touted as a potential heir to Clark, said Van Loan approached him two weeks ago with what MacKay felt were questions about leadership.
Added New Brunswick MP Jean Dube: ``If Peter Van Loan has a question with that (leadership), then I think he should look elsewhere.
Susan Elliott, national director of the federal party, said Van Loan had ``done the honourable thing and stepped aside.
While Van Loan denies he wants a leadership review, he pointedly refused to speak for others on the 35-member party management team.
Meanwhile, Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan said the government has confidence in Sandra Buckler, director of communications in the Prime Minister's Office.
Dion didn't say anything until the Buckler gaffe, which Van Loan said was the right thing to do.
Van Loan said there would be a debate and vote sometime this spring on extending the Afghanistan mission, but added the timing hasn't been set yet.
Van Loan says the federal government will be committing billions of dollars to the fund each year.
Van Loan says the economy and health of Lake Simcoe are expected to be the main issues discussed within the riding during the campaign.
Canadian MP Peter Van Loan is the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform in Canada.
But all that aside,Van Loan is this week giving US a performance for the ages.
Later, handling a pair of questions on electoral reform(because, when not managing the business of government, Van Loan is also revolutionizing Canadian democracy), he finished with a remarkable 15 answers in one session.
Next, Van Loan took two questions from Gilles Duceppe about the funding for summer festivals in Quebec.
Dalton McGuinty seems to be abandoning the traditional role of an Ontario premier, which would see Ontarios interests protected while at the same time advancing the strength of Confederation, Van Loan said in an interview.
Van Loan said Tuesday that McGuinty is bent on fighting a bill that would actually improve Ontarios representation in the House of Commons, noting Ontario would get only four more seats in the Commons under the current formula.
Peter Van Loan is my MP and I'm afraid to say he is one of the worst poiticians in Canadian history.