Minister of International Trade and the Asia-Pacific Gateway Stockwell Day of Canada

shut down their fund-raising fronts.
Parliamentarian of Merit Award for 2004.
Back when Mr Day was dismissing evolution he was also, lest we forget, trying to defend his more serious transgressions.
fundamentalism -- and a virulent, faith-driven brand of anti-Semitism.
the controversial Bentley Christian Centre.
From 1978 to 85, Day was assistant pastor and school administrator.
were never anti-Semitic or intolerant.
From early on, Stockwell Day had big aspirations.
experience in his life - from his Dad, too,'' says Green.
speech of where I was coming from.
There were few if any important issues when the election was called, nonetheless the Liberals frequently alleged that Day had a hidden agenda, by making a campaign issue out of Day's fundamentalist Christian beliefs (he is a devout Pentecostal), and past comments about homosexuality and abortion.
I'm a proud supporter of the Alliance, but like most, my support for Day has dropped.
Stockwell Day is an honest man who does what he says he will do.
It is beginning to seem that Stockwell Day is not only against gays, lesbians, and medicare, but also our systems of taxation and public education.
One thing that is for certain is that Stockwell Day is destined to Lead the Canadian Alliance and continue on to Ottawa, and why? Because he is not afraid to stand up for what he truly believes in.
Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day is greeted by Col.
Stockwell Day is a Canadian Conservative politician.
Stockwell Day was elected from the Okanagan Valley of central British Columbia.
Day is a true conservative who opposes big government and is sympathetic to creationism.
The theme of the day was Fairytale Forests.
Whatever else Stockwell Day has accomplished or failed to accomplish.
The trouble with writing about Stockwell Day is the fluidity of events; every day some.
The tragedy of Stockwell Day is that he turned out to be one of T.
Day is currently MP for the riding of Okanagan—Coquihalla in British Columbia and the Minister of International Trade.
Day was born in Barrie, Ontario, in 1950, living in a number of places in Canada during his youth, including Atlantic Canada; Ottawa, where he attended Ashbury College; and Montreal, where he graduated from Westmount High School.
From 1978 to 1985, Day was assistant pastor and school administrator at the Bentley Christian Centre in Bentley, Alberta.
In his political career, Day has never campaigned on Sundays, choosing instead to set them aside as time for worship and to be with his family.
In 1986, Day was elected to represent Red Deer North in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as a Progressive Conservative (PC), a position that he held until 2000.
In May 1996, Day was made Minister of Social Services, and in March 1997, he became Treasurer.
An official biography issued by the Prime Minister's Office on Oct30, 2008, claims that Day was "Acting Premier" of Alberta from 1997 to 2000.
After a heavily-publicized campaign, Day came in first on the June 24 first ballot of the leadership election with about 44% of the vote, in front of former Reform Party leader Preston Manning and Ontario PC strategist Tom Long.
In the following runoff election against Manning, held on July 8, 2000, Day received 63.
Nonetheless, the new party went into the election with high hopes, as Day was expected to appeal far more to the crucial Ontario voters than his predecessors.
There were few if any important issues when the election was called, nonetheless the Liberals frequently alleged that Day had a hidden agenda, identifying Day with the Christian right (he is a devout Pentecostal), and drawing attention to his past comments about homosexuality and abortion.
Day was also a victim of an incident during the election.
Day was criticized for the costs and eventually re-paid the province $60,000, the settlement amount excluding legal fees.
In April it was reported that Day had approved the hiring of a private investigator to dig up dirt to smear the Liberals.
After confirming that he had met the man on April 7, Day denied this on the 8th, claiming on the 9th that he had read of the meeting in The Globe and Mail and had assumed that it was correct.
In the fall of 2001 Day agreed to step aside and recontest the leadership, and in the March 2002 Alliance leadership election, Day was defeated by Stephen Harper on the first ballot.
The controversy was heightened when it was leaked to the media that Day had attempted to justify his actions to his party colleagues by circulating an article by David Frum which suggested that Arafat had died of AIDS.
On February 6, 2006, Day was promoted to the Minister of Public Safety in the Conservative government and was sworn into the Privy Council.
On October 30, 2008, Day was sworn in as Minister of International Trade in the Conservative Government.
In 1986, Day was elected to the Alberta legislature, and subsequently served in several provincial offices, becoming Alberta's tax-cutting treasurer in 1997 and winning notice a proponent of a flat income tax, smaller government, and increased provincial sovereignty.
Stockwell Day, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway Stockwell Day was first elected to the Canadian House of Commons in 2000 and was re-elected in 2004, 2006 and 2008.
Day has been Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
Day was appointed Minister of Public Safety and became a member of the Cabinet Committee on Priorities and Planning.
Day was appointed Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway.
Day was born in Barrie, Ontario in 1950.
Nine-eleven was an event of horrendous proportions that has certainly galvanized US," Day said Friday.
Families for Day is one group that worked to publicize Day’s message and helped him win the Alliance leadership.
3 D’Arcy Jenish, “The Day Comes to Ottawa,” Macleans, July 24, 2000, p.
Stockwell Day was urged to respond in kind to these vicious personal religious attacks.
Stockwell Day is a very religious Christian.
Stockwell Day has a history of not knowing when to keep his mouth shut.
So, to say the least Stockwell Day was an easy target for abuse.
She said Stockwell Day was "very interested" in my proposed documentary and wanted to know more details and set up a time and place.
After his stunning victory in the Canadian Alliance Leadership contest, Stockwell Day has already received some high profile endorsements for his next campaign -- to become Prime Minister.
Ernst Zundel, Canada's leading Holocaust denier, said that he strongly supported the Alberta Treasurer's candidacy because of the courageous stands Day had taken as a Christian school administrator.
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world-news, arar, stockwell-day, ambassador-wilkins, US, watch-list, homeland-security10 Stockwell Day PollDec 21 - By James CalderCanadian Minister of Public Safety Stockwell Day has taken to writing articles in the Penticton Western News, commenting mostly on political matters of course.
politics, conservative-party, stephen-harper, rcmp, maher-arar, stockwell-day10 Globe & Mail : Police raids prove that Canada not soft on terror, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day saysJun 5 - Seeded by James CalderSource: The Globe and MailPolice raids that foiled an alleged homegrown terrorist attack are building confidence among Canada's allies that this country is capable of rooting out such threats, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said yesterday.
Stockwell Day was first elected to the House of Commons in 2000 and re-elected in 2004, 2006 and 2008.
Day was appointed Minister of Public Safety.
The problem with appointing Stock Day is that he had certain views that are at odds with current Canadian Foreign Policy (not that is necessarily a bad thing.
Stockwell Day has proven himself as a capable Foreign Affairs critic for several years and has done nothing to embarass himself or the CPC during that time.
man he was portrayed by the liberal media before.
All these characters that think Day is so scary and these so-cons are the reason that the Conservatives lost seats in BC, have not been paying attention.
When Day was the leader of the CA, they recieved more votes and more seats than the new Conservative party did monday in BC.
Stockwell Day is the best possible choice.
When Yasser Arafat died and Stockwell Day was asked for a comment, he sent a column by David Frum suggesting Arafat died of AIDs.
Stockwell Day is uneducated as well as intellectually challenged.
Stockwell Day is leader of the Oppostion and of the Canadian Alliance.
Stockwell Day had 58 086 votes for around 63% of the vote.
Stockwell Day was born in Barrie, Ontario and grew up in Montreal.
Day says he is prepared to take on the Liberal party and lead his party to victory in the next federal election which should be rather soon (Within the next year) and portrays Chretiens values as failed European-socialists and that most Canadians do not agree with them.
Day says the Alliance will cut taxes and make the government smaller because it worked in Alberta and Ontario (ha, that's a laugh, oh, sorry I'm supposed to be impartial)Anyway, I've decided to add a poll to see who would vote for in the coming election.
On July 8, 2000, Day was elected as the first leader of the Canadian federal political party the Canadian Alliance.
Although such a petition would not have been recognized by Elections Canada, the troupe considered their point made when in the end, the website's counter claimed more than a million signatures - substantially more than the 4% that Day had proposed.
Questions also arose over whether Day knew about a private investigator who had been hired by the Alliance to dig up dirt to smear the Liberals.
In a March 2002 leadership race, Day was defeated by Stephen Harper.
Day remains an MP and a prominent member of the Canadian Alliance shadow cabinet.
Standing on a stage in Toronto hotel this summer, bathed in television lights, former Alberta treasurer Stockwell Day accepted the reins of the party that Preston Manning built.
My message to the Prime Minister and the federal Liberals is: Your holiday is just about over.
Day has faced criticism from political opponents - as well as from some people within his party - for his conservative views on social issues.
Day has said that he would favour referendums on such controversial issues, including capital punishment, before making any changes to Canadian law, but that such changes are not high on his agenda.
Day is scheduled to face a civil lawsuit for defamation in November, regarding a letter he wrote to the Red Deer Advocate about a lawyer who defended a convicted pedophile charged with possessing child pornography.
Day has tried to raise the level of decorum in the House of Commons, forcing his caucus to sit silent in Question Period as Liberal shouts and guffaws send the Speaker to his feet.
Day is now International Trade Minister in Stephen Harper's Conservative government.