Minister of the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario Tony Clement of Canada

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About Tony Clement: A lawyer, Tony Clement is best-known for his leadership role as Ontario Health Minister during the SARS crisis and as a leadership candidate for the newly formed Conservative Party of Canada in 2004.
In addition to solid cabinet experience in the Ontario provincial government, Tony Clement has links to both the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties and is bilingual.
Tony Clement was first elected as a federal member of parliament in the 2006 general election and was immediately appointed Minister of Health.
From 1992 to 1995 Tony Clement was assistant principal secretary to Mike Harris when he was leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.
Tony Clement was first elected as an Ontario MPP in 1995 for the riding of Brampton South.
Tony Clement was appointed Minister of Transportation in 1997.
In 1999 Tony Clement was also appointed Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
In 2001, Tony Clement was appointed Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, a position he held until 2003.
By 2004 Tony Clement had turned his attention to federal politics, and ran for the leadership of the newly formed federal Conservative Party of Canada.
Tony Clement was elected to the House of Commons as the Conservative member of parliament for Parry Sound-Muskoka in the 2006 general election.
Tony Clement was re-elected in the 2008 federal election, and appointed federal Minister of Industry.
Clement has consistently failed to understand the basic fact that not having safe injection sites would in no way lead to having less heroin addicts.
Clement is a lawyer by trade, not a doctor.
And the fact, demonstrated again and again, that Tony Clement is either unwilling or just downright incapable of realizing what the public health issue is in this case means that he is simply unfit to be Canadas health minister.
Clement is entitled to his opinion.
Closing ones eyes to reality isnt the answer to the issue, but its what Tony Clement has decided to do.
The Conservatives formed a government in the election and Clement was appointed as the Minister of Health and Minister for FedNor.
Clement was also an admirer of US President Ronald Reagan and of Margaret Thatcher's government in the United Kingdom.
Clement was re-elected in the provincial election of 1999, defeating Liberal candidate Vic Dhillon by over 8,000 votes.
Clement was appointed Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing on October 25, 1999, and held this position until February 8, 2001.
Clement was especially prominent when Toronto suffered an outbreak of SARS in the summer of 2003, travelling to Geneva in a successful bid to urge the World Health Organization to lift a travel ban to Canada's largest city.
The Eves government was defeated in the 2003 provincial election, and Clement was unexpectedly defeated by Vic Dhillon by about 2,500 votes in a rematch from 1999.
On October 30, 2008, Clement was sworn into the office of Industry Minister.
This letter KICKS ASS! Way to go Libby! I'd love to know who else in the conservative party was cc'd on this?Tony Clement is a fucking brainless, spineless fool.
association's meeting in Montreal.
which was provided to Canwest News Service.
transmission of blood-borne illnesses such as HIV/AIDS.
encompass prevention and treatment instead of drug maintenance.
In a truly Reaganesque demonstration of ignorance, Health Minister and general dumbass Tony Clement has determined that Vancouver's Insite safe injection centre for drug addicts is "unethical" and the start of a "slippery slope.
who died of listeria earlier in the week, Tony Clement is blithely schmoozing with political lobbyists and Washington celebs at swish receptions such as the luncheon sponsored by the Harper government at the Canadian consul-general’s Denver residence, where it’s reported that the food included bite-sized bits of beef, shrimp, tortellini and potatoes gratin.
Clement has made a fool of himself since he surfaced under Mike Harris.
politician John ClementJohn Clement John Clement was a politician in Ontario, Canada.
Clement was also an admirer of US President Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan Ronald Wilson Reagan was the 40th President of the United States and the 33rd Governor of California.
Clement was re-elected in the provincial election of 1999Ontario general election, 1999 An Ontario general election was held on June 3, 1999, to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of.
Clement was appointed Minister of Municipal Affairs and HousingOntario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing is responsible for housing and planning issues in Ontario.
On February 8, 2001, Clement was appointed Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.
Clement was especially prominent when Toronto suffered an outbreak of SARSSARs * SARs are Special Administrative Regions.
and Clement was unexpectedly defeated by Vic DhillonVic Dhillon Vic Dhillon is a politician in Ontario, Canada.
Upon conclusion of the judicial recount, Clement was found to have defeated Mitchell by 28 votes: 18,513-18,485.
Clement was booed by some conference participants, likely because of his role as surrogate for the Prime Minister.
Tony Clement is the first to conceive of the Social Collaboration Layer in Enterprise Architecture', { effect: 'appear', duration: 0.
Clement is expected to make his candidacy official within the next week.
Health Minister Tony Clement takes questions during a news conference at the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited plant in Chalk River on Wednesday.
Tony Clement (file photo) Clement was hoping that voter anger with Ontario's Liberals would make him a winner.
During his tenure as Ontarios health minister from February 2001 to October 2003, Clement supported privatization and deregulation of long-term care facilities and the creation of for-profit hospitals in Brantford and Ottawa.
A tested and proven political leader, Tony Clement has demonstrated his grassroots conservative credentials time and again.
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Clement is a dedicated constituency politician.
Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement said Ottawa is willing to provide some financing through Export Development Canada, a government agency, to help.
In Ottawa, Industry Minister Tony Clement said the federal government was willing to provide financing to assist during the company's restructuring phase.
The federal government and Ontario have reached a deal to offer proportional funds to Canadas auto industry if a proposed $14-billion US aid package is approved in Washington, Industry Minister Tony Clement said Friday.
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com: Health care waiting-times failure a worry, Canadian Health Minister Tony Clement saysNov 22 - Seeded by James CalderSource: The Globe and MailFederal Health Minister Tony Clement says the fact that patients at nearly half of Canada's cancer treatment centres are not getting critical radiation treatments within the target period of four weeks bolsters his argument for guaranteed waiting times.
canada, health, conservative-party, tony-clement, hepatitis-c, tainted-blood-scandal10 Canoe : Canadian Health Minister Tony Clement: Wait time goals will be metApr 21 - Seeded by James CalderSource: CANOE -- CNEWSProvinces will inevitably meet wait times guarantees, federal Health Minister Tony Clement said Friday.
Tony Clement was first elected to the House of Commons in 2006 and re-elected in 2008.
Clement was a member of Ontarios provincial legislature from 1995 to 2003, representing Brampton South (later, Brampton WestMississauga.
Clement is a recipient of the Courage in Public Policy Award from the Canadian Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute of Canada.
I just came across this nice little clip of Tony Clement being the misleading, coniving assclown we all know he is.
Tony Clement was first elected to the House of Commons on January 23, 2006.
Clement had served since 1995 as a provincial legislator for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party under Mike Harris until 2003.
Its got to be a message thats got to be heard by the union, Tony Clement said in an interview with CPAC, the privately-owned public-affairs channel.
Clement is the first federal politician to indicate that union concessions must be part of an overall plan to help rescue General Motors Corp.
Clement had previously served as an Ontario cabinet minister, most recently as Minister of Health and Long-Term Care under Premiers Mike Harris and Ernie Eves.
Member of the 28th Ministry in CanadaBrampton, Ontario politicsMinister of HealthParry Sound—MuskokaMinister of Health and Long-Term CareAnthony Peter "Tony" ClementSee moreNews About Tony ClementTony Clement had a news item on Live Search NewsMedia Invitation - Hon.
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Tony Clement was a perfect example of this.
Clement was a talented and adventurous runner and it was from a dashing break that Adrian Hadley would score the decisive try in an 11-3 win.
For Welsh selectors, Paul Thorburn, the record breaking Neath fullback, was always the safe bet, despite the fact that he had none of the running talents that Clement was so abundantly blessed with.
With only a handful of caps, Clement was called out as replacement wing for the successful British Lions' Tour of Australia in 1989.