Minister of Infrastructure, Transport, and Telecommunications Manuel Inocencio Sousa of Cape Verde

Sousa is the Minister of Infrastructure, Transports and Sea in the government under President Pedro Pires.
From 2001-2002, Sousa was the foreign minister of Cape Verde.
arrears, although he declined to give the exact amount.
do so because of "difficult financial situation.
effective participation at the Lusaka Summit.
Sousa said the government of Cape Verde attaches importance to the development of the friendship with China, which has a long history, and is grateful to China for its long-term selfless aid.
Minister of Infrastructures, Transportation and the Sea Manuel Inocncio Sousa has announced that work on the coastal highway ring around Fogo island is already under way.
Mr Sousa said that the accord would "open up Cape Verdean air space" to "regular and charter flights" and is a natural part of the commercial relations being developed with the UK and Ireland.
But Manuel InocĂȘncio Sousa is confident because, he affirms, nowadays Enapor is an economically and financially solid company, which gives the government reason to believe in its success.