Ambassador to the US Emmanuel Touaboy of Central African Republic

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Ambassador Touaboy is internationally known for his commitment to the democratic process, to human rights, to sustainable development and to the protection of natural resources.
During his tenure as ambassador of the Central African Republic to the United States of America, Ambassador Touaboy has fostered the development of positive relations between the Bush administration and his government, leading to the strategically important exile agreement between the US, France and Haiti of former president Aristide.
Ambassador Touaboy is also a active proponent of a dialogue of mutual understanding and respect between Islam and Christianity.
Touaboy said he does not know if diamonds from the DRC are illegally shipped through the CAR.
Ambassador Touaboy is from a Grace Brethren background in the CAR and while in America is a member of the Lanham, Maryland, Grace Brethren Church, pastored by Paul Mutchler (left.
Ambassador Touaboy is also a candidate to join the board of Grace College & Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana.