President Francois Bozize of Central African Republic

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Bozize had indicated his interest in running for president in November when he announced that he would make his position known after a constitutional referendum, which was held on 5 December.
Bozize was undergoing military training in France when André Kolingba ousted Dacko.
On 26 November 2001, Bozize was sacked in connection with a failed coup attempt on 28 May 2001 by Kolingba.
Mr Bozize is also widely-respected for being a simple man and could often be seen chugging around Bangui in a battered Citron car waving to people he knew.
Mr Bozize is from the north - like Mr Patasse - so splits his former ally's power base.
Bozize was born in Gabon, a country southwest of the Central African Republic (CAR), where his father was a policeman.
Bozize was accused of being part of the coup attempt, was arrested in Benin and extradited to the CAR in 1989, and was tortured while in prison, but a court acquitted him in 1991.
Bozize fled to Chad, north of the CAR, with about 300 people loyal to him.
When Bozize took power, he declared that he would restore democracy and not run for president in the next election.
When Mr Bozize took power in 2003 he asked the ICC to look into.
President Bozize was accorded a grand welcoming reception at Maetiga International Airport where Maj Gen Mustafa Mohammed AlKharoubi was at the fore front of those to welcome him.
Next Tuesday, I will hold consultations with all groups present (at the talks)," Bozize said after the conference that included some 200 government, political opposition, civil society and rebel representatives.
Photo: IRIN President Francois Bozize BANGUI, 9 November 2006 (IRIN) - Central African Republic (CAR) President Francois Bozize has renewed his call to France to help his government repulse a rebel coalition that has captured the northern town of Birao.
In his speech to the demonstrators on Monday, Bozize said Sudanese President Omar el Bashir was "at the origin of the attacks our country has suffered.
However, Bozize has rejected this offer.
The countrys Defense Minister Jean Francis Bozize said in a radio.
where he allegedly suffered serious maltreatment and beatings.
transferred to the Kassai prison at Bangui.
at first instance after over four years of detention.
including his release and appropriate compensation for the treatment suffered.
Since seizing power, President Francois Bozize has made significant progress in restoring order to Bangui and parts of the country, and professed a desire to promote national reconciliation, strengthen the economy, and improve the human rights situation.
Bozize was imprisoned at Camp Roux, where he allegedly suffered serious maltreatment and beatings.
Bozize was kept shackled, that his reading material had been confiscated and that the prison guards only allowed him out of his cell twice a week.
Bozize was alive and that he had been transferred to the Kassai prison at Bangui.
François Bozize was arrested on 24 July 1989 and was taken to the military camp at Roux, Bangui, on 31 August 1989.
Bozize was not brought promptly before a judge or other officer authorized by law to exercise judicial power, was denied access to counsel and was not, in due time, afforded the opportunity to obtain a decision by a court on the lawfulness of his arrest and detention.
Bozize has not yet been tried, his right to a fair trial has been violated; in particular, his right to be tried within a reasonable time under article 14, paragraph 3 (c), has not been respected, as he does not appear to have been tried at first instance after over four years of detention.
François Bozize is entitled, under article 2, paragraph 3 (a), of the Covenant, to an effective remedy, including his release and appropriate compensation for the treatment suffered.
President Francois Bozize is the head of state for the Central African Republic.
By going to the General Assembly in New York, President Bozize was secretely hoping to hear back on his request but the fact that we learned that he has just sent his Justice Minister Thierry Malyombo and Bangui's Public Prosecutor Firmin Feindiro to the ICC in The Hague, shows that he must not have received any answer from the UN.
I have always said from the change until today that Patasse could come back in CAR.
In a brief radio address, Bozize said his forcesousted the government "because of the mismanagement of the country and its inability to carry out its domestic responsibilities.
Bozize said in his radio address that the coup was only "a temporary suspension of the democratic process" and that he would meet "as soon as possible with the nation's political parties and other active forces" to draft a "consensus program" for the country, including "the preparation and holding of transparent elections.
Nov 8, 2006 (BANGUI) Central African President Francois Bozize has accused his Sudanese counterpart of backing rebels who seized a northeastern town of Birao last week, and vowed his troops would soon recapture the municipality.
A coalition of seven opposition candidates issued a statement late Wednesday saying President Francois Bozize was preparing what they called an "electoral hold-up.
Bozize had said he would only be president during a transitional period, but then changed his mind, saying it was for the good of impoverished Central Africans.
Bozize took power in 2003 and asked the ICC to probe Bemba.
Political conspiracy Bozize took power in 2003 and asked the ICC to probe Bemba.
Bozize took power in 2003 and asked the ICC to probe the events.
BANGUI, Central African Republic (Reuters) -- Rebels loyal to former army chief Francois Bozize said on Sunday they had taken control of the Central African Republic's capital, as the president took refuge in a neighbouring country.
He said Bozize was in Bangui and was expected to make a radio announcement later.
close to the national electoral commission.
presidential election in the Central African Republic (CAR.