Ambassador to the US Mahamoud Adam Bechir of Chad

Mahamoud Adam Bechir has returned from Brazil.
authorities and some business personnel as well.
Ambassador Bechir said that there have been some difficulties in putting the system for oil revenue distribution in place, because many in Chad expected quick benefits from the sale of oil.
world leader in the demining effort as was Princess Diana, Weaver noted.
Bechir is also the ambassador to Canada, Argentine and Mexico.
Bechir said both parties, including President Idriss Deby, were supportive of the framework agreed to during the mission.
Bechir expressed gratitude to international partners like the United States who have been instrumental in resolving the oil row with the Bank.
Chads Bechir was also tentatively optimistic, although he said the deal should be expanded to accommodate other rebel groups.
However, Bechir said his government and the people of Chadinstead of resisting the Darfur refugeeshave done their best to accommodate them.
Ambassador Mahamoud Adam Bechir said Chadian President Idriss Deby has been trying to mediate the conflict in Sudan for years, only to have his country overwhelmed with 265,000 refugees from Darfur and be accused by Sudan of supporting rebels in the Darfur region.
Bechir said the airport had been closed to civilian flights and the mobile phone networks had been shut down to hamper rebel communication lines.
Ambassador Mahamoud Adam Bechir said Chadian Idriss a.