Minister of Environment Ana Lya Uriarte of Chile

Uriarte praised Greenpeace's attitude to face Japan's announcement of hunting whales with alleged scientific goals.
Environment Minister Ana Lya Uriarte was present for both votes.
Environmental Minister's Version of the MeetingAfter meeting for more than two hours, the Minister Uriarte said that the friendly agreement was information that the Pewenche and Chilean groups that visited US today just now turned in, and naturally, we said that we are going to request all the prior documents that concern this agreement and that they were speaking about, and which we do not have in our possession currently.
The Minister Uriarte said also, we guarantee that we will take into consideration all the antecedents that they turned in to US as we make a decision about this project and any other.
Chilean Environment Minister Ana Lya Uriarte said Bachelet presided in September in New York the panel "Mitigation, reducing emissions and stabilizing the climate; saving our future together.
Minister Uriarte said they want to show the UN leader Chile"s scientific and official concern with climate change.
Addressing the opening ceremony, Chilean Environment Minister Ana Lya Uriarte said Chile has played an active role in helping tackle the challenges of the climate change in recent years.
The paper informs Uriarte was called by the Deputies Chamber to speak about the effects of the environmental crisis and her responsibility in it, and also said that a group of deputies are planning to present an appeal against her.
We would like to regain possession of this text to review it and use it as a firsthand source, Uriarte said last week.