Minister of Public Works Sergio Bitar of Chile

Bitar is now a prominent leader of the democratic opposition.
2008The central themes discussed at the fourth Workshop: "Vision 2020 for the Country Development" were: making efficient use of renewable energies, transforming Chile into a food power and taking care of water resources.
Bitar is now a visiting fellow at the Institute for International Development, where he is doing research on the political economy of his native country.
Bitar is a leader of the Christian Left Party, which was formed by members of Chile's Christian Democratic Party who supported the Popular Unity Coalition government of Salvador Allende.
Bitar was appointed Minister of Mines by Allende on March 27, 1973, during a period of intense internal political and economic upheaval and growing international pressure on Chile orchestrated by the United States and a number of major multinational corporations.
Almost from the day he took office, Bitar was confronted by a strike in the copper industry which completely disrupted the Chilean economy and played a key role in setting the stage for the military coup against the Allende government.
Despite the fat that Bitar was able to reach a settlement agreement with unskilled mineworkers at the huge El Teniente mine, the strike dragged on because of opposition to the agreement by managerial personnel and skilled workers.
At the time of the coup on September 11, Bitar had returned to a university teaching position in Santiago.
While in New York on February 5, Bitar was interviewed by freelancer Khatami for the Multinational Monitor.
Sergio Bitar is now is now a prominent leader of the democratic government coalition in Chile.
Pascua (above) and Baker project still pendingPhoto by Benjamin WitteSergio Bitar Says HidroAysn And Water Authority Could Still Strike A DealPublic Works Minister Sergio Bitar on Thursday downplayed a recent decision by the National Water Directorate (DGA) to deny energy company HidroAysns request for additional water rights in the Region XIs Baker and Pascua Rivers.
Sergio Bitar says the tunnel proposed by an Argentine-Brazilian consortium would cost about $2.
in the power of democratic ideas, institutions, and processes.
Concertacion), for which Bitar was the spokesman in 1998 and 1999.
and Finance Committees until 2002.
Meanwhile, MOPs Bitar had positive words for the North American, saying I have always appreciated what Tompkins has done in terms of taking care of the environment, which is a great treasure for the future.
Prior to taking office following a cabinet shakeup last November, Bitar had frequently spoken out in favor of nuclear energy.