State Councilor, State Council Guanglie Liang of China

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Liang was born in Santai, Sichuan Province of China in 1940.
Liang was the Chief of General Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army from 2002 to 2007.
Additionally Liang is a member of Central Military Commission.
momentum in the exchange of personnel training and other fields.
increase pragmatic cooperation between the two armed forces.
Liang said China and Bahrain have maintained smooth development of friendly cooperation in all areas since the two sides established diplomatic ties in 1989.
Liang said China and Chile support and respect each other in international affairs.
Liang expressed confidence that the opening of the direct line will improve coordination, mutual trust and relations between the Chinese and US.
Liang praised the partnership and strategic cooperation between Russia and China which were established thanks to "the wise decision of the leaders of our states the aspirations of our nations.
A source disclosed that Liang was given a lengthy briefing on India's security concerns before the key meeting.
Liang took over the defense portfolio last month.
Liang said the direct telephone link was an important step that served both countries' long-term strategic interests, according Xinhua.
Liang said that the defence establishments and militaries of the two countries had maintained multi-level cooperation in a wide range of fields.