Minister of Interior and Justice Fabio Valencia cossio of Colombia

Guillermo León Valencia Cossio is a member of an illegal organization.
Valencia Cossio received gifts from Mr.
His brother Fabio Valencia Cossio is the minister of the Interior and Justice.
But Fabio Valencia Cossio is not the minister of the environment or of culture.
Valencia Cossio said that ``several people mentioned in the letter were called to testify and denied under oath the assertions contained in the letter.
BOGOTA -- Colombia's Minister of the Interior and Justice Fabio Valencia Cossio is being investigated by the attorney general's office for allegedly enlisting the help of a paramilitary leader in winning a seat on the Conservative Party's leadership in 1995.
Guillermo Valencia Cossio was arrested and arraigned Thursday because of his alleged ties to alleged paramilitary leader and drug lord Daniel "Don Mario" Rendón.
Interior Minister Fabio Valencia Cossio said the government will help victims recover millions of dollars in uninsured deposits.
The arrest of Guillermo León Valencia Cossio comes weeks after he was forced out as Medellín’s head prosecutor following Cambio magazine’s publication of transcripts of taped conversations between the two men.