President of the Union Ahmed Abdallah Sambi of Comoros

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President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi appeared satisfied with the logistic preparations for a military intervention in Anjouan when he had returned from his visit to Tanzania and Libya from 30 December to 2 January accompanied by the Comoros Army Chief of Staff, (AND.
President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi is the head of state for Comoros.
06 (Saba) – President of the Comoros islands Ahmed Abdallah Sambi has left Yemen after a few-day visit during which he met with vice president Abdu Rabu.
Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi was declared the winner of the federal presidential election in May and assumed control of the federal government in a peaceful transfer of power.
Sambi was declared the victor of the presidental election defeating retired French airforce officer Mohamed Djaanfari and long time politician Ibrahim Halidi, whose campaign was backed by outgoing President Azaki Assoumani.
On May 26, 2006 Sambi was inaugurated as President.
Sambi was born in 1958 in Mutsamudu, Anjouan Island, Comoros.
A Sunni Muslim, Sambi was educated in Islamic political theory in Iran, Sudan and later Saudi Arabia.
Before entering politics Sambi was a business man.
Sambi is the father of seven children and lives above a called The House of Mattresses in the Anjouan capital, Mutsamudu.
I believe in an Islamic regime," Sambi said after his election, adding however that the union's economic situation -- it is considered one of the world's poorest countries -- did not allow the immediate creation of an Islamic state.
The government measures have sparked concern among the Comoran intelligentsia that the islands may be sliding towards a form of religious conservatism found in the countries where Sambi received his religious education.
Sambi has repeatedly been accused of being a Shiite Muslim, an allegation he has always denied.
The "Ayatollah" nick-name however has become somewhat of a burdon as Mr Sambi has become internationally known, as it could indicate a sympathy for the extremist Shia Muslim regime in Iran.
There were no plans of introducing Shari'a laws or obliging women to wear veils, Mr Sambi was forced to tell the foreign press again and again.
President Sambi has pledged to fight corruption, to bring employment and development and to give a lift to values in the Comoran society.
At the outset of the meeting President Sambi expressed his appreciation and gratitude and of the people of the Comoros Islands to the leader's efforts to establish peace and ensure stability in the Comoros Islands and his constant support that begun before its independence and continued during the construction process and its entry into the Arab league and until now.
Photo: Tomas de Mul/IRIN Ahmed Abdallah Sambi – 'the Ayatollah' – speaking at a political rally on Anjouan JOHANNESBURG, 15 May 2006 (IRIN) - With the votes in and counting underway, moderate Islamic religious leader Ahmed Abdallah Sambi has been tipped to become the next president of the Union of Comoros.
Sambi is expressing the will of the people.
On May 26, 2006, following a two-stage electoral process that was generally free and fair, Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi was installed as the new President of the Union of the Comoros.
President Sambi has fought against corruption, created employment and development in the country and to gave a lift to values in the Comoran society.
02% of the national vote, Sambi was inaugurated as President of the Union of the Comoros on 26 May 2006.
Sambi is a father of seven children and owns factories which produce mattresses, bottled water and perfume - a key Comoros export.
In the 14 May elections, Sambi was declared the victor on 15 May by Secretary of State for elections Ali Abdallah over retired French air force officer Mohamed Djaanfari and long-time politician Ibrahim Halidi, whose candidacy was backed by Azali Assoumani, the outgoing president.
Sambi has been quoted as saying that Comoros is not ready to become an Islamic state, nor will anyone be forced to wear a veil under his presidency.
No official results were yet available but Sambi had won between 60 and 75 percent of the vote, according to his camp, which cited the results of its canvas of unofficial returns from many of the 624 polling stations.
On May 25, Sambi was officially sworn in.
Ali Abdallah, who is in charge of announcing the election outcome, said on Monday that Sambi had won.
That is to say Sambi is the winner," he said.
Anjouan holds the current presidency rotation, and so Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi is President of the Union; Mohéli and Ngazidja follow in four year terms.
Sambi said any gendarmes that stayed at home and refused to fight would be spared and allowed to rejoin the national armed forces, but warned: "Those who want to kill will be killed.
I have ordered the Comoran army and the the forces of ourcountry's friends to bring Anjouan back under the rule of law andfree her citizens," Sambi said on Monday, adding that he did so "without joy, like swallowing a bitter pill.