Vice President for Transportation, Post and Telecommunications, Communication, and Tourism Idi Nadhoim of Comoros

Vice President Idi Nadhoim praised bilateral relations between the two countries which are based on respect and joint cooperation, under the wise leadership of President Ahmad Abdullah Sambi and His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.
Vice-President of Comoros Idi Nadhoim said that no claim on human rights would be acceptable unless cultural diversity is taken into consideration.
As to why Azali, a former military leader, was not a target of investigation, Nadhoim said the list "doesn't aim at political personalities" but people directly responsible for the management of public funds.
Nadhoim said the situation was being addressed and civil servants who had not been paid since January this year had begun receiving their salaries.
While Mr Nadhoim is responsible for Transport and Tourism Ministries, Mr Dhoinine oversees Health, Solidarity and Gender Promotion.
Heading up Socotra International and Idi Engineering on the Comoros Islands since 1981, Idi Nadhoim has now been designated chairman of the board of Banque pour l'Industrie et le Commerce Comores (BIC.
Nadhoim said his country imports 90 per cent of its goods from the UAE and expects sea trade links to grow.
an active volcano dominating the main island of Grande Comore.
Nadhoim said that he is under pressure to install a diesel quickfix to meet the nation's energy shortage.
Vice-President Idi Nadhoim is at the AU headquarters in Ethiopia to ask for nearly 320 AU soldiers and police already in the coup-prone Indian Ocean archipelago to be given approval to intervene militarily on Anjouan island, the minister said.