Ambassador to the US Mohamed Toihiri of Comoros

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Toihiri is married with two children.
Toihiri has extensive training in the French language, and communications.
Toihiri has a long history in teaching French, as well as, instructing other professionals in teaching the language.
Toihiri was Senior Lecturer at the University of Comoros in charge of the French Literature chair since 2004, and a regular contributor to the Comorian national newspapers the Kashkazi, since 2006, and the Alwatwan since 1994.
Toihiri was also Professor of Francophone French Indian Ocean literature at the college-level and trainer of teacher advisers, also in Indian Ocean literature, in Madagascar, Comoros, Maurice, Seychelles and Reunion.
Toihiri has authored numerous publications, including several novels and plays, and presented many articles at various conferences.
Toihiri is also fluent in English and Malagasy, and acquainted with several other languages.
Toihiri is married and has two children.