Minister of Communications and Media Emile Bongeli of Congo, Democratic Republic of the

hallucinogenic drug plant used by the sect's followers.
Presenting the economy of the 2009 budget bill that has already been adopted by the National Assembly, Emile Bongeli said that the budget was developed during a period of turmoil marked on the national level by wage demands and strikes, and by the financial crisis and food at the international level, which has a significant impact on the DRC, not to mention the continuing insecurity in the east.
Bongeli said the government has ordered security forces to destroy "36 Birds," the name of a hallucinogenic drug plant used by the sects followers.
In DRC, we have already almost managed to eradicate the disease, Bongeli said in Kinshasa, the nation's capital.
Bongeli said the government intends to renovate the pediatric wing of Mama Yemo and notes that private hospitals, including one built by the Chinese, now dot the city.