President Denis Sassou-nguesso of Congo, Republic of the

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The spending was run up in the year that the World Bank, led by Paul Wolfowitz, delayed the debt relief deal known as the HIPC (Heavily Indebted Poor Countries) Initiative after learning that aides to Sassou-Nguesso had paid £100,000 in cash towards a September 2005 hotel bill totalling £169,000.
Denis Sassou-Nguesso is in Beijing for the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), which is scheduled for Nov 4-5.
While expressing gratitude over China's assistance to the Congolese social and economic development, Sassou-Nguesso said his country and other African nations are ready to learn from China's successful experiences of development and strengthen cooperation with China to face new challenges and realize peace, stability and development.
Banny told reporters that in their two-hour meeting, Sassou-Nguesso said he was committed to working for long-term peace in Ivory Coast, where rebels, government forces and their allies remain armed but separated by a buffer zone monitored by French and UN.
Sassou-Nguesso is no stranger to his new job.
For the last three years, Sassou-Nguesso has also headed the Central African Economic Community, or CEMAC.
In 1962 Sassou-Nguesso was appointed commander of Brazzaville and rose to the rank of colonel by the early 1970s.
During this time Sassou-Nguesso took an active role in politics and became a protg of Pres.
The following month Sassou-Nguesso was appointed president of the republic.
In 1993 militias supportive of Sassou-Nguesso clashed with security forces, and escalating violence continued into 1997, when Lissouba was forced into exile, and Sassou-Nguesso was once again declared leader.
state with the backing of the Soviet Union and Cuba.
Sassou-Nguesso was an adept political player in the region.
In January 2006, President Sassou-Nguesso was elected Chairman of the African Union.
President Sassou-Nguesso has moved forward on improved governance, economic reforms, and privatization, as well as on cooperation with international financial institutions.
Presidential elections were held in March 2002, and Sassou-Nguesso was declared the winner.
By the end of 2005, Denis Christel Sassou-Nguesso had charged more than £112,000 to his personal Hong Kong-issued credit card, up from £64,000 the previous year.
held in 1992 brought Pascal Lissouba to power, Sassou-Nguesso took power by force in 1997 and replaced the 1992.
Whatever happens, Sassou-Nguesso praised Bush for.
Sassou-Nguesso lives very publicly like a king.
Sassou-Nguesso said the two leaders had discussed terrorism, and diplomatic efforts to ease fears that Iran seeks nuclear weapons, especially ongoing talks about an incentive package to get Tehran to accept limits on its atomic ambitions.
Marxist Denis Sassou-Nguesso is now president)(Brief Article) (US.
Photo: Roberto Ortiz de Zarate CEMAC Chairman and RoC President Denis Sassou-NguessoBANGUI, 27 May 2003 (IRIN) - Republic of Congo President Denis Sassou-Nguesso has said that the regional Economic and Monetary Community of Central African States, known by its French acronym CEMAC, would plead the case for recognition for the new government in the Central African Republic (CAR.
Speaking on Saturday at Maya Maya airport in the RoC capital, Brazzaville, Sassou-Nguesso said CEMAC, of which he is the current chairman, would support CAR "within the framework of the sub-region", and would appeal on the country's behalf to the African Union (AU) and the international community.
Sassou-Nguesso was addressing a joint news conference with CAR leader Francois Bozize who had paid a two-day visit to Congo.
Sassou-Nguesso said CEMAC had demonstrated its support for the CAR by maintaining its peacekeeping force in the country after the 15 March coup in which President Ange-Felix Patasse was ousted.
Denis Sassou-Nguesso was selected in 1979.
Sassou-Nguesso has gone even further in his arrogance.
When Colonel Denis SASSOU-NGUESSO took over in 1979 as head of the PCT and the Government one of his first acts was to sign a treaty of co-operation and friendship with the USSR.
This civil war lasted until 2003 when Sassou-Nguesso took over power again.
Sassou-Nguesso was elected as Chairman of the African Union on Janurary 24, 2006.
Sassou-Nguesso had foreign help, mainly from Angolan President Eduardo Dos Santos who sent in troops to help restore him to power.
Sassou-Nguesso had effectively neutralized his chief rivals; they were constitutionally banned from the elections.
Sassou-Nguesso was ready to announce to the world that free and fair elections had been held and that he had won by a landslide.
Although Denis Sassou-Nguesso has seized power twice and obviously rigged an election to hold on to power, he speaks as if he believes in democracy, although it's only a sham.
Scenarios have been developed for ending such African conflicts as those in Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Sudan’s Darfur region, thanks to the international community’s road maps and timetables, President Denis Sassou-Nguesso said in his briefing to the Council.
Sassou-Nguesso said Africa could now see possibilities for a brighter economic future, where the indicators seemed to show a considerable movement towards consolidating and establishing longer-lasting growth.
Sunday in elections he said would restore democracy after back-to-back civil wars.
President Denis Sassou-Nguesso is the head of state for the Republic of the Congo.