Minister of Health, Social Affairs, and the Family Emilienne Raoul of Congo, Republic of the

I seize this opportunity to fight maternal and infant mortality, my primary concern, Health and Social Affairs Minister Emilienne Raoul said at the launch of the campaign in the town of Ouesso, some 800 km north of the capital, Brazzzaville.
trafficking Republic of Congo's minister for health, social and family affairs Emilienne Raoul has said there are nearly 2,000 children who are victims of human trafficking in the country, according to local press.
The children brought to Congo are aged from nine years on average and few of them, if any, are taken to school," Raoul said Tuesday, adding her country "will do whatever possible to curb this degrading phenomenon.
of 3rd Cycle from the Universite des sciences et techniques de Lille (France) Mrs Emilienne Raoul has authored many Publication of which: Strategies alternatives de lutte contre la pauvrete au Congo (Alternative strategies to fight Against poverty in Congo) in 2000.
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The Republic of Congo has launched a five-year malaria prevention initiative that aims to reduce by 50% malaria cases and deaths among pregnant women and children under age five through the distribution of insecticide-treated nets, Minister of Health, Social Affairs and Family Emilienne Raoul said recently, IRIN News reports.
Raoul said the government has plans to develop and implement a new national strategy to address these issues.
The country also will provide no-cost HIV tests to children through the campaign, Raoul said (BBC News, 7/16.
Raoul said that the "situation is still worrying" and that the government will "continue with efforts aimed at reversing this level of maternal mortality.
Raoul said the current policy was inefficient and the government would develop and implement a new national strategy to address these issues.
Speaking Monday during the launch, Congolese Health Minister Emilienne Raoul said measles vaccination campaigns for children in the country were still low-keyed.
Raoul said that following a similar campaign carried out in 2004, measles cases dropped from 3,432 registered in that year to 145 cases in 2006, while vaccination cover reached 65 percent.