Minister of Equipment and Public Works Florent Ntsiba of Congo, Republic of the

Ntsiba remained Spokesman of the CMP until 1979.
He played a role in the ouster of Joachim Yhombi-Opango by the PCT leadership in early 1979, and under Yhombi-Opango's successor, President Denis Sassou Nguesso, Ntsiba was elected to the Political Bureau of the PCT in 1979 and was assigned responsibility for press and propaganda.
At a session of the PCT Central Committee in April 1983, Ntsiba was removed from the Political Bureau and suspended from the Central Committee for ideological weakness; as a result, he resigned from his position as Minister of Information, Posts and Telecommunications in May 1983.
Ntsiba has held that post since then.
Ntsiba was an unsuccessful candidate in Lekana constituency in the May–June 2002 parliamentary election; he was defeated in the second round of voting by fellow minister André Okombi Salissa.