Prime Minister Isidore Mvouba of Congo, Republic of the

Mvouba was born in Kindamba, in the Pool Region, and became a railways engineer, working at the Congo-Ocean Railway (Chemin de fer Congo-Océan) beginning in 1976.
Mvouba was spokesman of the pro-Sassou-Nguesso United Democratic Forces during the 1997 Civil War.
The Civil War resulted in Sassou Nguesso's return to power in October 1997, and Mvouba was appointed as Director of the Cabinet of the Head of State (with the rank of Minister) at the end of the same month.
It was announced on February 14, 2002 that Mvouba had been appointed as Sassou Nguesso's campaign director for the March 2002 presidential election.
Subsequently, in the government named on August 18, 2002, Mvouba was promoted to the position of Minister of State for Transport and Privatization in charge of the Coordination of Government Action.
Mvouba was elected to the National Assembly as a PCT candidate from Kindamba constituency in the 2007 parliamentary election, receiving 75.
At the time of the June 2008 local elections, Mvouba is President of the National Coordination of the Rally of the Presidential Majority (RMP), the coalition supporting Sassou-Nguesso.
Isdore Mvouba is born in Kindamba in the region of pool in 1954.
Mvouba said the government had honoured 90 percent of what it had agreed to, but that "the other 10 percent regarding reintegration does not depend on US alone.
Mvouba said the Congolese will consider Chinese people as their most reliable brotherhood, his government also thinks much of good relationship with China.
action to develop the African railways network.
Mvouba said the three-month programme was meant to provide an urgent follow-up to two earlier disarmament efforts that the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank financed.