Minister of State, Minister of Planning and Territory Improvement Pierre Moussa of Congo, Republic of the

Moussa was born in Owando, located in northern Congo-Brazzaville.
In the 2007 parliamentary election, Moussa was again elected to the National Assembly as the PCT candidate in Owando's first constituency; he won the seat in the first round with 99.
The darling of the French and international finance world, Moussa was to be named "banker of the year" by the US.
Moussa is an unlikely target for pent-up socialist anger.
But because Moussa had already transferred the ownership of the Swiss subsidiary away from the French parent to other subsidiaries, Pargesa was able to buy up 60% despite the government's opposition.
When the outcome became clear, Socialist deputies exploded with rage with prime minister Pierre Mauroy declaring, "Pierre Moussa has the mentality of an emigrant" (a reference to aristocrats who fled abroad during the French revolution), and president of the national assembly Louis Mermaz announcing that "All the elements of a financial and economic counter-revolution are in place.
Moussa said in the negotiations between the two organisations, the EU normally bargained for democracy, freedom and human rights, which from the ACPs perspective, were not cruel conditions as they were fundamental points of the Cotonou Agreement.
This move angered the Socialists, who felt that by doing this Moussa had betrayed France in favor of his bank.
Moussa was charged with being interested in the fraud of four Paribas bankers and almost 400 clients, who had sent 180 million francs illegally into Swiss bank accounts.
About two weeks after Moussa was acquitted, Paribass subsidiaries re-sold their majority to France.
In the ensuing scandal, Moussa was forced to resign.
This road is a vital artery for the Pool but also for the country because it is a segment of the road to Pointe-Noire, Moussa said on Tuesday.
Moussa said the road building would employ 350 people and help make peace efforts credible by helping the Pool relink to the national economy.