Ambassador to the US Serge Mombouli of Congo, Republic of the

Ambassador Mombouli was acting as charg daffaires since November 1997.
By training, Ambassador Mombouli is an expert in corporate law and business negotiations.
Ambassador Mombouli was born in Pointe-Noire in 1959.
Mombouli says his country is producing some 370,000 barrels a day, more even than former OPEC member Gabon.
Fluent in English, French and Lingala -- the predominant native language of Congo-Brazzaville -- Mombouli says the DRC's civil war is having a tremendous impact on his country's economy, particularly since the international community isn't contributing enough money to care for the refugees in its midst.
Mombouli says Congo's biggest challenge "is to become one day a developed country instead of a developing country.
Following the June–October 1997, in which Lissouba was ousted, Serge Mombouli took over as chargé d'affaires.
Mombouli was born 42 years ago in Pointe Noire, Congo, but that geographical detail did not matter to Mr.
Mombouli had worked for many years in executive positions at some of Texas' biggest corporations, and that made the African diplomat a Texan as.