Minister of Environment Kete Ioane of Cook Islands

the two meetings held recently about the amendment to the Civil List.
Governments attempt to woo constituents by plucking Ioane from the obscurity of the dusty back benches where the party had decreed his fate, and elevating him rapidly to Ministerial status over the bewildered bodies of more deserving members, had no impact in an electorate Ioane had done little to elevate.
The Minister for Outer Islands Affairs Kete Ioane is leading a delegation in Mangaia to look at current developments on the island and assess government projects needing critical evaluation and redress.
Kete Ioane was born in Amuri, Aitutaki to Ioane and Repeta Taua on 30th October 1950.
Ioane said that the daily issues faced by the Cook Islands include no drinking water because of months of drought or blockages from intense flooding, and huge waves beginning to eat away at land.
Ioane said that the reality for the Cook Islands is that, according to scientific estimates, the burden on the country will become unbearable unless industrialised countries agree to deep cuts in carbon dioxide emissions now.