Minister of Civil Aviation Tangata Vavia of Cook Islands

Radio New Zealand International reports that Mr Vavia is already planning on issues he wants sorted out if.
latest developments on the planning for the Mangaia harbour.
Vavia said around $500,000 was being sought.
When Parliament moved into debate mode at yesterday's first sitting for 2008, Transport Minister Tangata Vavia found himself bombarded with the current issue of shipping.
Vavia said "before anyone asks whether I am doing this for Tapi, let me assure you, I'm not.
Vavia said Taio has 18 years experience in shipping service to the Outer Islands.
That may have been because Public Service Commission Minister Tangata Vavia had already admitted as much on the bloated public service of the mid 90s to a Cooks-hosted regional summit of public service bosses two weeks earlier.
Minister for Justice Tangata Vavia says the Kiwi youths are teaching local teenagers bad habits.
Vavia says they have to keep a watchful eye on every wayward youth from New Zealand that arrives on the island.
Tangata Vavia is married to Linda (nee Powell) from Rarotonga and they have four (4) children.
Mr Vavia says juvenile delinquency is now such a problem that the country has to look at setting up a facility.
Tangata Vavia says the testing would not be a cost on the Cook Islands Government.