Minister of Labor and Social Security Francisco Morales of Costa Rica

Francisco Morales was born in 1899 in Ures, Sonora.
But within a year, Morales had begun to reverse the nationalization of industry and had excluded from his Cabinet most of the early protagonists of the 1968 revolution.
Today, Morales leads the 14-member mariachi at the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle-National Shrine, where he continues to play the instrument he learned long ago.
Now Morales is composing new music for the band, thanks to a renewed emphasis on liturgical music at churches throughout the country.
Since then, Morales has also written compositions for Lent and Easter.
While mariachis have long been a staple of restaurants, quinceaeras and parties, Morales said he prefers the religious style.
The compositions are a work in progress, and Morales is now composing music for Christmas and other occasions.
Ghena Dimitrova, Fabio Armiliato, Ruben Dominguez, Lucy Ferrero.
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My Dad Antonio Morales was (no musician) but always a good listener of classical music and always hoping that if one day he'd have a child then he or she will be a classical musician, well, it was my turn to be the first one in my family then i grew up surrounded by a lot from bach beethoven and chopin in a little house where things were hard to pay but with a lot of love to share from my mom and dad.
Officer Morales was transported to a local hospital here he remained in critical condition for three days before succumbing to his wound.
Officer Morales was a Gulf War veteran and had been employed with the Metro Transit Police Department for 6 months.