Minister of Planning and Economic Policy Roberto Gallardo of Costa Rica

Gallardo said during an interview Thursday in Der Rathskeller that his companys visits to UW are sometimes resisted by a vocal, liberal minority.
Gallardo said hes personally put about 200 people into the army over the past seven years as a recruiter.
Gallardo said recruiting is a lot more stressful than his time as a medic was because there are few breaks throughout the year.
A medic would get combat leave or training breaks, but Gallardo is talking to people about the army almost every day.
Army in Madison and, in 2006, Gallardo said his company did fifth best out of 40 companies in an eight-state region.
Recruiters are assigned a certain number of people to enlist each month Gallardo said his best is six.
Gallardo approaches recruiting like he is giving people choices.
Robert Gallardo has lived in four regions of Honduras since early 1993 that include the Department of Olancho, the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, Pico Bonito National Park and Copan Ruins.
Gallardo is the butterfly farm expert in Honduras.
Judge Gallardo has commented that he will continue to make judgements based on this Article until it is proven unconstitutional, and that other interpretations of the law cannot be used against him.
If you love carnitas, be sure to try El Rinconcito’s version, which Gallardo says is the specialty of the house.
I wanted to announce to all Costa Ricans that I feel very honored that an intellectual such as Roberto Gallardo has accepted the job of future planning minister,” Arias said, remarking on Gallardo's merit as a political mind at UCR.