Minister of the Sea, Transport, and Development Bozidar Kalmeta of Croatia

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Kalmeta said the decision was based on an amendment to a contract with Bechtel signed by the previous government stating that the company had a right to a compensatory section if the government bailed out on a previously agreed-upon job.
Transport Minister Kalmeta has threatened Cacic with a government audit report that is to be presented to parliament in the fall.
Croatia Sees Bumper Tourist Year World Markets Analysis November 04, 2004 Valerie Mason Croatian Tourism Minister Bozidar Kalmeta said yesterday that the country had received 8.
Kalmeta said he had decided to go public with the summary due to rising public interest, and after three summaries of the agreement signed by the two companies in 2001 were released on Thursday.
Zagreb, 24 April: Croatian Sea, Tourism and Transport Minister Bozidar Kalmeta has refused allegations of the director of the Zadar Tanker Shipping company, Stanko Banic, that while he was Zadar mayor, he demanded that the company should finance the defence team of the fugitive General Ante Gotovina.
This is a premeditated and carefully planned move made ahead of local elections with the aim of discrediting me as the top candidate of the (Croatian Democratic Union) slate for the city of Zadar in the eyes of the international factors," Kalmeta was quoted as saying for the Croatian Television (HTV) prime news programme on Saturday evening.
Croatian Sea and Transport Minister Bozidar Kalmeta said that he was "sure that there is no danger of pollution" and that the "situation is stable" and much better than it was on Wednesday.
An additional difficulty is that the currents are carrying the ship towards the coast, Sea and Transport Minister Bozidar Kalmeta said before heading to the region.
The situation is dangerous but it's under control at the moment, Croatian Sea and Transport Minister Bozidar Kalmeta said before heading to the region.
Kalmeta said he "knew nothing" about the matter.
Kalmeta says he had no knowledge of the criminal activities and that he strongly supports the ongoing investigation.
We travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres together," Kalmeta said at a press conference.
Kalmeta said the government has earmarked an additional 257m euros for social and economic recovery in affected areas.
Croatias Minister of Transport and Communications Bozidar Kalmeta has revealed that 15 new operators are on a waiting list to receive fixed telephony operating licences, Croatia Today reports.