Minister of Defense Branko Vukelic of Croatia

Vukelic said he was impressed with the teamwork between the nations and proud of his country's opportunity to host this year's exercise.
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It was because Branko Vukelic had told me that one shouldn't use Tito's name in vain, for Comrade Tito had TV monitors at his palace in Belgrade, at which he could see every single resident of Yugoslavia, at any given moment of their lives.
Vukelic said that the exceptional delivery support of the three AT-802AF delivered in July prompted him to reallocate funds earmarked for leasing Canadair CL 415 water bombers to the purchase the two new AT-802AF air tankers.
During an August 12th tour of the Croatian Air Force firefighting task force at Zemunik Airbase, Minister of Defense Vukelic expressed his satisfaction with the firefighting efforts during the 2008 summer wildfire season.
Zagreb, 28 Nov - Defence Minister Branko Vukelic said on Friday that about HRK 300 million was envisaged for the procurement of non-combat vehicles for the Croatian Armed Forces in the next three to four years.
The Croatian Army is expected to buy about 2,000 such vehicles to complete its organization, Vukelic said after a presentation of non-combat vehicles and a demonstration exercise at a military range in Zagreb.
Asked by the press if, in the context of the supreme commander's call to economize, costs could be cut for guards of honour, the orchestra and the welcome of foreign statesmen, Vukelic said the guard of honour was doing everything envisaged by the law and decisions of the government and president of state.
When asked did the US side suggested the need to extend the engagement of Croatia in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan or in some other missions, Vukelic said that the USA and Croatia have especially good cooperation in Afghanistan and that Americans appreciate that what members of the Croatian Armed Forces did in Afghanistan.
Vukelic's father, Branko, a newspaperman from the former Yugoslavia, was arrested but died in prison, a fact Vukelic said he learned from the Red Cross in 1945 in Australia.
Vukelic was quite adept at photographing documents obtained by Sorge and Sorge received information from Miiyagi, courtesy of Sorge's old contact Ozaki.
In the medium term, Croatia will become a very important energy hub, which will increase the security of energy supply not only to Croatia but also to the European Union, Vukelic said at the conference that was held as part of the 82nd Zagreb International Autumn Fair.
Vukelic said during the meeting that the trade volume between the two countries in the first half of 2006 reached 152 million USD, adding that 124 million USD of this figure is Croatia's imports from Turkey.
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for the war fleet and the coast guard.
Vukelic expressed gratitude for the United States' assistance and support for Croatia.