Minister of Health Darko Milinovic of Croatia

Croatia's Minister of health and social welfare Darko Milinovic has promised to resign if his new health-care reforms fail to work within a year.
bars and cafes, where it would be allowed only outdoors.
Health Minister Darko Milinovic said Thursday the government will ask parliament to adopt a bill that would forbid smoking in public places including bars and cafes, where it would be allowed onlyoutdoors.
Milinovic says the bill follows the practice of European Union countries and is meant to fight against a habit he says takes about 10,000 lives a year in the country of 4.
Asked for comment, the minister Milinovic said on Thursday to Hina agency that he will soon meet with pharmacy representatives and agree the business activities for the next year.
Two doctors manipulated the tumour around, while Milinovic was cutting around it.
Interior Minister Berlislav Roncevic and Health Minister Darko Milinovic had rushed to the scene, media reports said.
Milinovic said that he would propose to the Health Insurance Agency (HZZO) that the policy for additional health insurance for 1.
As regards privileged pensions, Milinovic said that he would propose that the additional health insurance policy for such pensions be raised from HRK 50 to 130.
When asked about pension contributions, Milinovic said that pension contributions for pensioners whose pension amounted to up to HRK 5,200 would be paid from the budget, while retirees whose pensions exceeded HRK 5,200 would have to pay a 3-percent pension contribution rate.
The Croatian Minister of Healthcare Darko Milinovic said today, answering complaints that general practitioners have brought forward, that nothing new will happen to the doctors at the start of next year, and that they will be able to earn an extra 20 percent.