Minister of Science, Education, and Sport Dragan Primorac of Croatia

Primorac is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Science,the American Society for Human Genetics, Croatian Society for Human Genetics, and the Croatian Society for Osteogenesis Imperfecta and he has received many domestic and international awards, including the Young Investigator Award (American Society for Bone and Mineral Research), the Michael Geisman Fellowship Award (Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation), a joint Award of the City of Split together with Dr.
Primorac is a co-founder of the Laboratory for Clinical and Forensic Genetics at the Clinical Hospital in Split.
Primorac is the founder of the American-European School for Clinical and Forensic Genetics which is being held bi-annually in Croatia.
Primorac is a member of the Croatian Government serving as the Minister of Science, Education and Sports.
This decision by Minister Primorac is another indicator of the trend to build the a knowledge-based society in Croatia, and will certainly contribute to the increased number of people with university degrees i nthe country, which is currently below the European average.
Minister of Education, Science and Sport Dragan Primorac met with the representatives of the Coordination of Students´┐Ż Associations of Croatia (KSUH), in the presence of his Deputy Ministers Mirjana Polic-Bobic and Stipo Mamic.
200616:21 (GMT)Croatian Science, Education and Sports Minister Dragan Primorac has announced that his visit to Japan and talks with Japanese officials about expanding the two countries' cooperation in science, education and technology, were very successful, news agency Hina reports.
Japan saw Croatia and its science and education system as a partner for cooperation, Minister Primorac said upon his return from Japan and told that Japanese state secretary for science and technology policy Iwao Matsuda had presented the delegation with the Japanese national strategy for the development of science and technology in the 2006-2010 period.
Under public pressure, Primorac said Sunday he was withdrawing the regulation.
in the field of forensic sciences and genetics.
Croatian Health Minister Dragan Primorac says new DNA research proves that Croats are among the oldest nations in Europe, together with Germans and some Nordic nations.
Primorac has not officially announced his candidacy yet.
Primorac said the research indicated the presence of a strong 'I' DNA marker among Croats.
Primorac said the "research is not aimed at any other than scientific purposes," knowing that such claims were the stuff of the propaganda machinery through the wars of the 1990s.
Primorac said "similar languages shared by people do not mean that they share a common background and origin.
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Sanader said that at the start of his term, Science Minister Primorac was entrusted with deepening ties with Israel to bring Israeli experts to Croatia with a view to establishing direct cooperation on as many projects as possible.