Minister of Education and Culture Andreas Demetriou of Cyprus

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Nicosia, Oct 23 - One of the most important innovations of Cypruss educational reform will be the reconstruction of the curriculum and this effort intends to ensure that teaching will meet the needs of all students, Cyprus Minister of Education and Culture Andreas Demetriou said, addressing the Dissemination Conference for a project carried out by the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education on Assessment in Inclusive Settings, held in Limassol.
Demetriou said that in an environment where the only factor that remains stable is change, the government has launched an ambitious educational reform program, inviting dialogue among all stakeholders, with a view to turn into reality the vision of a better and more modern educational system that would meet future needs and challenges.
Demetriou said that a special committee has been appointed to adapt pedagogical interventions to the needs of each student, acknowledging that each student differs in learning and level of functioning.
Demetriou said that a main outcome of the Limassol conference will be the Cyprus Recommendations on Inclusive Assessment, a document that will be agreed upon by all representatives of participating countries in the meeting and then disseminated to key policy makers across Europe with the aim of informing policy making in this key area.
THE LAST two decades have seen rapid changes to our way of life.
Education Minister Andreas Demetriou was appointed by the new government to tackle the “inertia” facing the education system.
Demetriou is clear the time has come for a change.
Asked why the same books have been used since the 1980s, Demetriou was quick to conclude: “There is inertia in the system that impedes change.
Demetriou is just the latest minister proposing to reform this hiring process.
Demetriou is quick to underline that schools cannot solve the Cyprus conflict, but “it is important to have people consider what their own life can be under various scenarios, such as, with the problem perpetuating, or being solved.
Given the multiplicity of nationalities in public schools today, Demetriou was confident “the next generation will be different.
Demetriou said excavations were in many cases being carried out without due scientific methodology, and that that necessary professionals other than archaeologists, such as civil engineers and architects were not being used on digs.
Showing photos at the Ayios Athanassios site in the Larnaca district, Demetriou said two metres of soil had been removed, leaving the columns exposed and in danger of collapse.
Demetriou said the number of digs per year was a contributing factor to the waste involved.
In his letter to Papadopoulos, Demetriou said provision should also be made under a new law for the protection of underwater archaeological sites off the island’s coast, the rights and non-rights of owners of antiquities, the import and export of artifacts, and penalties for breaking the law.
Demetriou said history school books had remained virtually unchanged since 1950 and that the new approach to the subject would be drawn up a by number of experts with different approaches to provide historical truth and accuracy.
Andreas Demetriou received his Ph.
com, Demetriou said the association was alerted to the fact that scientific means were not always used, when a retired archaeologist on a recent dig admitted to not keeping a daily diary, which under archaeological rules is sacrosanct and is a requirement of law.
Andreas Demetriou is one of the most known National Heroes of Cyprus.
Demetriou said history books which have remained unchanged for decades must be reviewed to take into account the changing world.